Monday, July 16, 2012

Weddings oh my!

So this will probably be a short post but I can't sleep.... probably because I am on the phone with my Matt. Both of us enjoying each others company from a far.  Doing our own thing while making small talk.  Man I can't wait til we can see each other.  Three pay checks from now seems like it is going to take forever.
I also am just in the mood to write and felt like there is no better time to give a short update on what I have been up to.  Yesterday was actually a pretty amazing day.  We spent most of our time relaxing before we went to go spend the afternoon and have dinner with Jim's parents.  (who are Grandma and Grandpa I don't even know their real names lol.)  We sat and visited, ate a ton of monster cookies.  A.K.A. the best cookies ever!  I will have to get the recipe from her to share with all of you if she will let me.

 Grandma, Caitlin and I all went swimming after it stopped raining.  It was prefect weather in my opinion.  The air was cool just after the rain instead of blistering hot like normal.  The water was just the right temperature and we had a blast.  It is amazing to see how well my sister is doing now that she is swimming on a regular basis.  She has gotten over her fear of jumping in the deep end, dives under water, doesn't need any floaties, and is learning to swim very well.  I was happy to see her having so much fun.  Despite how odd this might sound it was also amazing to see how well Grandma and Grandpa treated her.  As if Caitlin was one of their own grandchildren.  It was also great because they both have treated me the same.  I will admit that Caitlin, Matthew, and I have never been very close to our grandparents.  So as different as it was its a nice change and its great to see Caitlin so happy.

Today we a pretty lazy day for the most part.  I sat and read for a long while.  Almost half way through A Game of Thrones which I am still loving though I am eager for something.... dramatic to happen.  I can tell that something is coming but I can't put my finger on what it is or which of all the characters it will involve.  It is also frustrating because the author writes from my favorite character points of views very seldom.  Its like it he will get right to the good part with those characters and then move on to another chapter and not get back to that character for what seems like forever.

On to more exciting news though.  My lovely friend Ashley (who I have mentioned and shared quite a few pictures of in my Faces Behind the Blog page) is getting married!  I am so excited for her.  Jeremy her fiance is a really nice guy and I am happy for them both.  She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids also!  Sebrina, her little sister Malorie, and I are all going to be in her wedding.  Yesterday my bridesmaids dress came in along with Ashley's wedding dress.  So we both went to try on our dresses.  Mine actually fit really well we can't see anything that is going to need to be changed.  I am a little worried since I am working to lose weight, so that could be a problem.  Ashley's dress actually has a bunch of little things that need fixing.  But she looked absolutely beautiful.  

This is actually Sebrina's and my dress color and all.  

The wedding is September 22nd this year.  I wish I could find a picture of Ashley's dress to share with everyone.  I couldn't find it though so I guess it will just have to wait until September when the wedding pictures are taken. It will be a surprise. ;)  All of the pictures also in this post other than the bridesmaid dress are their engagement pictures.  The first picture is a picture of her ring very pretty.  Also what is going to be totally awesome and so US.  Everyone in the wedding is going to be wearing Vans.  It is going to be great.  One thing I am nervous about is they are also pulling a Glee.  Down the isle they are going to be playing .... something by Bruno Mars and we are also supposed to do... something fun down the isle instead of just the normal slow walk. Skipping, dancing, just something out of the ordinary.  I am a little nervous to say the least.  Haha. 

So yeah really fun evening spending time with Ashley trying on our dresses and talking about wedding plans.  Sometime this week I will probably go over to help make paper flowers for bouquets.  So far they are turning out really pretty and hopefully I can get some pictures to share with all of you.  Specially of her brooch bouquet which last time I saw was turning out really nice.  Well I think that is all for tonight.  Hope all of you are enjoying your week so far.  Goodness this turned out to be a rather large post and oh man its 1 in the morning.  Need to get going.... even though I am still on the phone with Matt.  Haha  Happy dreaming everyone.


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  1. Hi, that is something very nice to look forward to. The ring is gorgeous and I love the colour of your dress. The dress is fantastic too.
    I'm very much looking forward to the wedding pictures. I love weddings. My husband and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary ; )
    Have a great day and I hope you had a good nights rest.