Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favorite Finds

Sorry this is so late everyone but I wanted to get it in before midnight hopefully I can...
This Fridays Favorites is a bit random but oh well =)

My two favorite musical finds this week are...

Now I will admit that I am not the most.... religious person on the planet.  I have my beliefs and well that is that really.  But I thought this song was absolutely beautiful.  I hope that you guys like it.

So I know this is way different than the first but I really like this song.  I listen to all types of music just saying.  But this song has me listening to it over and over again.

So like I mentioned this weeks pics are a bit random.  Really though they are all some form of art.  So I guess this weeks inspiration is Art.

I just thought this was amazing.  Can you imagine?
So magical.

I love the color in the wings and the skull helm.
She seems so fierce and the painting itself is beautiful.

This picture was taken by one of my favorite photographers Lissy Elle.

I saw this in another blog that I follow and really liked it.  
I hope that you guys do too.

This is the only thing that isn't really Art related.  It made me crack up though.
I am subscribed to Ellen Degeneres's channel on youtube so I get these funny little clips every now and then.

So I have more to write but I am going to publish this and then just add another post.  That way I get this up before midnight so its technically still Friday.



  1. Your random pictures are gorgeous! Love them all! The last one, is very precious! Have a great one ;o)

  2. I am glad that you liked them. =)