Tuesday, September 30, 2014


So I have officially been on the east coast for a month now.  Have to admit it is taking a bit of adjusting.  Not that things are drastically different.  The first two weeks here, things seemed completely natural.  I think it might be because a lot was going on.  My Dad and Brother were with us, we were traveling and exploring from D.C. to New Jersey and to N.Y.C. It was a lot all in one go.  Then getting all unpacked of course.  Now that things have settled down it just feels different.  I have had a hard time sleeping at night one.   Not that this is too uncommon for me I suppose.  I am sure you all remember my not so long ago rants of sleepless nights.  Well they are back.  I am sure it is just because of the new place new surroundings sort of thing.

I had a bizarre eerie dream of a women coming out of the woods that is pretty much our backyard and she came into the house into the room and was watching us sleep.  I was watching her watching us sleep and talk about given me the heeby-geebs.  So I told her to go away and then she just went back into the woods.  For a couple of nights after the dream I just laid there half expecting this woman to show up.

Since Mabon passed I have been having a bit more luck just going right to sleep when I actually lay down for the night.  Then I have nights like last night where I didn't fall asleep until nearly mid-night.

Also still on the hunt for a job which I am sure doesn't help.  Still kickin myself that I no longer have a car.  I think that would make things much much easier.  Finding something within walking distance is proving to be a bigger challenge than what I first thought it would be.  I am sure something will turn up eventually though.  Lets just hope sooner than later.

Other than that I am still in total shock of how expensive everything is here compared to Arizona.  I knew it would be more expensive sure but I guess I just hadn't realized exactly how much more.  That rant could go on for ever though. Ha ha.

Even with all that I am still extremely happy to be here with the bf.  I have also been loving the fact that I have been leaving the windows open during the day and it's perfect temp in the house.

OH!  One more thing what is up with none of the groceries stores up here having Artichokes.  I have been craving one for lunch so bad and no joke I can't find any.  Lol

So how are all of you doing?  Getting excited for Halloween?  I am!  Even though we aren't doing anything.  So don't care.  Maybe I will make a spooky treat just for us. =P

Before I go I found another song I have been obsessing over that I wanted to share with all of you.


Well I hope you guys like it.  Also hope that you all are having a wonderful week so far.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Been on a bit of a Lavender fix today.  Wishing I had some lavender oil to dab on my pulse points and forehead to help me feel a bit more relaxed.  Either way it has put Lavender on the mind and I thought I would write a bit about it.  Again share some of my pinterest findings.  

Lavender oil is great for swelling, infections, headaches, bug bites and the list goes on.  It is also great to use in DIY household cleaners.  My Mom uses it in many of the sugar scrubs that she makes.  As mentioned I like to dab a little bit of lavender oil on my pulse points and forehead when I have head aches or am just feeling a bit stressed or even a little depressed.  Its relaxing calming effects are great.  It is also great to help with sleep, even just burning the flower itself can help to induce sleep.

It also has endless magical properties.  Protection, Luck, Healing, Divination and of course is often associated with Love Spells, ect.  

I was taught that lavender placed under your pillow at night can help you with  recalling dreams and sending wishes.

The ashes of burnt lavender can be scattered around the home not only to bring peace to those within but also can be used as a form of protection from visitors with ill intent.  With the plants relaxing affect it is also great to use during meditation.  Of course burnt it will help you relax, allow you to open your mind and clear your thoughts.

If you suffer with nightmares, dried lavender leaves may help by being placed into your pillow or if you have a child who is having trouble with nightmares or sleeping place the dried leaves into a stuffed animal to help them.

I could go on and on about all the different uses of Lavender but this would end up being one ridiculously long blog post.

So to finish off I will leave you all with some neat food inspired ideas I found on pinterest.

A refreshing glass of Lavender Lemonade.

I can't wait to try this Lavender infused Hot Chocolate.

These Lavender Shortbread cookies look so good. 

So other than that nothing too much has been going on.  The bf took me out for dinner on my birthday to a nice restaurant.  I was able to get myself some cheesecake and it was really good.  Actually wish I had some right now... dang it. Ha ha.

Well I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


I don't really have anything going on today/tonight but I am in a writing mood.  Plus I have an itching to share some of my pinterest findings with you guys.  So here is a special Halloween/Autumn favorite finds post. 

Yes I have every intention of attempting to make these. =)

Cozy, with a cup of coffee mmmMMMmmm...

Simple yet awesome.

One of the things I am excited about for the East Coast is actually getting to see some leaves change colors.  And snuggling down with a good book, some hot coco during an actual cold day.

This would be so much fun for a party.

I could never wear something like this.  A little too revealing for me BUT it is super cute and looks very much like an adult version of my favorite childhood Halloween costume!

Last, here is a picture of me in my favorite childhood Halloween costume. =P  Sorry for the quality.  Impossible to get a decent picture of a picture.  Haha

So sorry this post is a bit random but I am such a pinterest junkie and this is my favorite time of year.  Autumn right around the corner, Halloween, and all the amazing blog parties! 

So tomorrow is my Birthday.  No plans for tomorrow at this point.  Really starting to get my cheesecake craving though.  Sort of my thing.  I LOOOOOOVE cheesecake so on my Birthday it is really the only thing I want.  

Sorry had to share just one more picture now that I mentioned cheesecake.  Doesn't it look so good!!!  I think that it looks great.

Well I hope that you are all doing alright.  What are some of your guy's favorite things about Autumn and Halloween?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Blogging ideas!

Hello my freaky Darlings!

I am in a particularly good mood this evening for no particular reason at all.  I have been trying to write a post all day with no idea what to write.  So now that this is my forth go at it I think I finally got it.  Not that it is much. Ha.

Things have been going good here.  Nothing much to report.  I am feeling slightly disheartened when it comes to my job hunt now that I am without a vehicle.  I am trying to stay positive though and remain hopeful.  There is a job fair coming up so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Maybe I will have to invest in a bike, while still out of my price range it is MUCH cheaper than a new car.  Lol

So I figured I would share a couple of pictures from my car accident.  

The water had gone down at this point thanks to the rain finally letting up after nearly two hours of standing in it.  Even managed to catch myself a small cold. Lol. Guess if that is the worst of it then I am grateful.

In this picture you can see where the water had come up to on the passenger door.  Was pretty crazy.  No I was definitely not in the car when this happened.  Immediately after crashing not even thinking about water levels rising and just worried that no one would see me down in the wash from the road I had decided to get out of the car and get up to the road.  My genius self did decide to try and get back into the car when it started hailing.  After tripping on mesquite roots and falling face first into the water though I quickly realized it was probably not the best idea to try and get back into the car or stay anywhere near the running water.  Lol

After that scary event though the trip went super smooth.  Snapped a picture when going through Dallas, TX.  I had no idea the city was so huge!  Thankfully traffic wasn't that bad.

This picture isn't even a small portion of the city.  But I like how the picture came out.

Other than that when we finally did make it to my new home after getting some rest, settled in a bit, and getting some much needed bf time, we took a trip to D.C. it was a load of fun and I am eager to go back since I feel like there is still so much to see there.  

First thing we did was get some food.  Like I mentioned broke the vegetarian diet a couple of times and this would be one of them.  Ahahaha!  No regrets!  Some of the best seafood ever.  Eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies for sure.  Can't say it was the cheapest but it wasn't unreasonable and we got more than we could eat.  We got probably as fresh as it gets crab and shrimp watched it get steamed with some Old Bay thrown on it and handed to us in a paper sack.  Blue Shell Crab is definitely not my favorite.  Just can't get past having to pick around the "mustard" (crab guts) to get to the meat.  But jumbo, and when I say jumbo I mean jumbo, shrimp... oh sweet Freya it was wonderful.

After nearly putting ourselves into a food comas we walked from the Warf and to the Washington Monument.

Yeah check them clouds out.  We got to experience some east coast weather.  Actually used the Washington Monument as a rain shield for a good 20 minutes.  We finally said "What the heck!  The rains not going anywhere lets just go".  So we went out into the rain deserting our rain shield and literally 5 minutes later the rain stopped.  Go figure.

We got to see The Reflection Pool.  Was very cool.

Of course we saw the Capital Building.  You would be surprised, or at least I was, at how far apart all this is despite being able to see all of them within each others distance.

After going into New Jersey to see my Aunt and cousins we all took a trip into New York.  A lot more walking and was fun as well as equally exhausting. 

Fun picture of my cousin with Batman.  The fact that she had a Batman shirt on just made it funnier.


Couple of pictures from Ground Zero. 

Bright lights of Time Square.

As fun as New York was this was definitely a welcomes sight.  City is way way way to busy for me.  Definitely takes a particular kind of individual to live in that city.

So other than that while trying to figure out some ideas for writing topics I came across this on the wonderful pinterest.  I thought it was pretty neat and I do like some of the ideas listed.

So who knows you may see some of these popping up here and there.

Well I hope you are all doing well.  I have been trying to keep up with everyone despite my lack of posting.  I think I need to do a little reading list clean up.  I find myself searching through my list for particular blogs to read.  =)  I leave you guys with this picture my sister sent me that left me smiling.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Crazy crazy!

So this will likely be a short post but while I have access to a computer I wanted give you all an update.  I am finally home! East Coast back with the bf and all.  Very excited and happy so far it has been a great few days hanging out and sight seeing with my Dad and Brother before they head back to the West.  Was an eventful trip to get here though.  Unfortunately I experienced my first accident while I was the driver.  Luckily no one else was involved and I wasn't hurt.  Going though Texas we hit a really nasty storm and well the car hydroplaned, smacked the back end of the car into the cement guard after it spun a complete 360 and then went across the road (missed traffic thankfully) and ended up in the wash/ditch where the water runs to keep the roads from flooding.  Was super scary and pretty sure the car is totaled but as mentioned I wasn't hurt and neither was anyone else. 

Horrible timing but what can you do?

My computer was damaged in the accident, hense the reason I am having to use someone else's. 

Anyways, moving along to happier things.  So far we have gotten to eat a ton of awesome seafood.  Breakin the whole veggie diet by a lot but I do intend to get back to it once all the sight seeing and running around is done.  We have been to D.C. to see the Washington Monument, Capital Building, and the Reflection Pool.  Also again got some amazing seafood while there that was served in a big paper sack with Old Bay seasoning.  Nom nom nom!  We would have likely seen more while we were there but we got rained out and had to head out soaked from head to toe. 

We also took a trip into New York which was a lot of fun and equally exhausting.  Really fun to go and see but I definitely could not live there.  City is way to busy for me.  I have a ton of pictures to share but will have to wait and see what happens with my computer situation. 

I hope that you are all doing well and that I will be back to posting again soon.