Faces behind the blog

Just some pics of those who matter the most and fun moments captured on camera.

My Beautiful Mom and Sister and Me

My Little Brother Matthew and his beautiful girlfriend Chelsea

Me and my amazing cousin who is more like my sister Jessica

Yeah Jess is just that cool

My Aunt Jen and I down at Jersey Shore Beach

Me and the Gang walking around New Hope

Jess, me and Jon

My Best Friend Sarah
Practically my twin I would be lost without her

Jon and Steven being dorks

Lol my other Best Bud Ashley
Wormed her way into my heart and won't leave =P

My good friend Stacey
Even through all the trials her and I have gone through we are still friends

Ashley and Stacey

And a more recent picture of My Beautiful Sister and I

Will probably have more to share later down the road but that is all for now. =)