Saturday, April 12, 2014

busy busy...

Sorry that I haven't been around lately everyone.  Trying to get into the swing of the new job.  To be honest I have a lot of free time during the week days.  I just haven't been in the mood to write lately.  Thought that I would get on though and give you all an update of what has been going on.  It was Bike Week last week and we were able to go to an Aaron Lewis concert which was amazing.  He played for almost two hours.  Then the next day we saw Big and Rich which was really cool as well.

The most exciting thing that has been going on though...

Look who is here visiting for spring break!  We have been having a ton of fun together and I have been looking forward to this for a while now.  Been missing her a lot.  Luckily the new family that I have been working for was more than happy to let me bring Cait with me to work, so I didn't have to take any time off.  I have to take her home tomorrow which is making me a little sad but I am enjoying what time I have with her.

Oh!  And look at her new hair due!  We just got it done three days ago.

I love it!  I think the purple is so much fun.  She loves it too.  I think it makes her look much older as well.  Not sure how I feel about that yet lol.  It is funny though she has to wash her hair very carefully for the next week or two, separating the blonde from the purple so the color doesn't bleed .  Totally worth it though.

Other than that we are also having a ton of fun with the ton of makeup that I just ordered.  E.L.F. had a huge 50% sale on April 1st.  It was great because a lot of their more expensive items were already marked down 50% but then when you checked out you got another 50% off the whole total.  I was able to get $30 worth of stuff for only $15, $21 after shipping.  I thought that it was well worth it.  This is my first time using E.L.F. product though.

Now I am by no means a makeup expert.  I don't even do my makeup all the time.  I certainly won't spend ridiculous amounts of money on fancy label makeup.  So this is just the opinion of your average/every so often makeup user who typically shops at Walmart lol.  I won't be comparing it to other brands cheap or expensive because as mentioned I don't do my make up often enough to know if its better or worse.  This is a simple if I like it or not and the reasons why.

So far I am very very happy with all of my purchases.

I got e.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 which is originally priced at $3 but I got it for $1.50

So far I like it.  It goes on a bit heavier than I think tinted moisturizer should.  Then again I have only ever used tinted moisturizer once before and it was MUCH MUCH MUCH more expensive I bought it at ULTA and it was $40 for a similar sized bottle.  I really liked it but couldn't justify the ridiculous price to buy it again.  I however would purchase this over plain liquid foundation.  I don't like heavy makeup one and two foundation typically makes me break out.  

I was super nervous about buying makeup that needs to match my skin tone over the internet.  I choose ivory, which I know might seem a bit odd since usually very fair skinned women choose ivory and I don't really look all that fair skinned.  Any time I have ever gone with a darker shade though it is extremely noticeable.

I think my only complaint would be that the bottle could hardly be considered full.  Lots of empty space in there and if I was the kind of girl who did her makeup every single day I don't imagine it would last more than two - three weeks.  BUT it was only $1.50 so I am not that disappointed.

To go with this I also decided to get a small compact of pressed powder.  I went with e.l.f. Essentials Clarifying Pressed Powder in ivory.  It is normally a dollar but I was able to get it for 50 cents.  

Not too much to say on this one, it is just powder after all.  I like it though it's a decent sized little compact and I imagine it will last me a good while.  It also came with the soft little applicator/sponge whatever you want to call it.

Along the lines of foundation I also purchased e.l.f. Essential Eyelid Primer.  So far I am happy with it.  Much like the foundation though I get the feeling that the little tube really doesn't have that much in it.  At least the applicator barely has anything on it both times I have used it so far.  Curious to see how long it will last.  Like everything else though it was only a dollar and I got it for 50 cents.  I bought this in Sheer though since they didn't have ivory.

Probably one of the things I was the most excited about though was the e.l.f. Studio 80-Piece Day to Night Eyeshadow Pallete.  So far I love it.  It has great variety in my opinion.  From natural to more fun colors and even from colors with lots of shimmer to more matte shades which I really like.  Some of the colors are a little more dusty than others but so far it is not that bad.   

I am also really liking the case that it is in.  Sturdy, and easy to use.  As you can see in the picture obviously one pallete lays on top of the other, it is easy to switch them and I love that it has a nice big mirror that you can use.  I wouldn't hesitate for a second to bring it with me if I was travelling even though it is pretty big.  Oh also this is normally priced at $25 dollars, but the site had it marked down to $10 and then I got another $5 off for the 50% off my grand total.  Woohoo!

So far the colors don't fade very much even after a whole day of wearing them out and running around.  Keep in mind though I was also using the eyelip primer that I bought with it so that might have something to do with it.  I also like that the color didn't smudge/bunch up... whatever you call it in the crease on my eyelids like some of the other colors I have bought have done in the past.

Probably my second favorite item that I got was the e.l.f. Studio Lip Balm SPF 15 in Nude.  I am not a lipstick wearer... at all.  I don't even wear lip gloss that often.  I have two tubes that I bought over a year ago from bath and body works and I will probably have them for another year lol.  So what possessed me to get colored lip balm I have no idea.  I am so glad I did though.  One I love how nice it goes on and despite the fact that the color looks a bit orange in person unlike its picture online it is such a natural tone with just enough shimmer that so far I don't feel weird wearing it out and about for no reason.

Like the eyeshadow and its case I really like the tube this lip balm is in.  It isn't plastic which I was a bit surprised about and for such a little item it has a bit of weight to it.  Oh and much like Burt's Bees lip balms and chap sticks your lips feel cool and tingly after putting it on.  It is normally $3 but I was able to get it for $1.50.

Last I purchased many different makeup brushes to go with all of my new items.  So far I am happy with all of them.  Specially the Stipple Brush I got to use with my tinted moisturizer.  All of these brushed were $3 - $1.  The only ones I haven't made my mind up on yet are the Blending Eye Brush and the Eye Crease Brush.  I only say that because at first use a lot of the hair was coming out of of them.  I haven't decided if that is normal because they are new or if they will keep doing that because they were so cheap.  My third time using them hardly any of the hair was pulled out so I am hoping that is a good sign.

Wells I am sorry that this post has turned out to be super long.  I just wanted to share all the fun news.  I am hoping to be motivated to write up a post for PBP.  Probably not going to happen until maybe Monday though since this my last night with my sister.  Going to have to take her home tomorrow night and I am a bit sad.

I hope that you all are doing well.