Friday, May 30, 2014

Recipe time!

So with the new diet and my attempt to be healthier I have really gotten into smoothies.  So on one of my ridiculously long pinterest visits I found THIS.

All three smoothies I think are very interesting.  The one I was the most interested in though was the peach, ginger smoothie.  I am not sure why because neither peaches or ginger are my favorite, the recipe while simple looked really good.  So today I went out and bought everything that I would need to make this smoothie.  

Now I am sure you have gathered that the recipe given make one HUGE FREAKIN SMOOTHIE.

I however can not handle large smoothies.  I have no idea what it is I always order small smoothies if I buy them and downsize almost every recipe that I find.

So I altered the recipe a bit...

I used:

1 peach
1 small slice of ginger (I'm talking like teaspoon size because I was super worried about too much ginger)
1 heaping big spoon of honey vanilla greek yogurt
1/3 cup of coconut milk

This made a little less than an average size glass.

This smoothie is really good!  I think next time I might peal the peach before I dice it up and toss it in.  I say this only because my blender is not the best and left pretty big pieces of peach skin which I am not a fan of.

Only thing is, I really feel like this smoothie is missing something!  I have no idea what I could add to it though that would compliment the other flavors.  
So I guess the point of the post was to see if any of you had any good ideas?

Also I do recommend trying this if you are a peach, ginger lover because it is very good.  I haven't tried either of the other smoothies but I do want to and will be sure to leave a review for you guys when I do.

Friday, May 16, 2014


So I can't tell if this whole new vegetarian diet has made me much more sensitive in the long run.  If now when I eat highly acid foods which is a ton of veggies and fruits I will still be having gall bladder attacks on a regular basis despite the fact that I am eating much cleaner than I was before?

Anyways this isn't really a ramble about the new diet.  The bf and I waited until nearly 9 last night to decide that we should probably eat dinner.  We hadn't bought anything to make a meal at home and by then anywhere decent was closing.  So we settled for Burger King because come to find out they totally have a veggie burger even though its not on their menu.  Not the healthiest choice but we were able to not need to use a cheat night so we were happy.  I splurged and also ordered some onion rings to go with my veggie burger.  Now I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that they fry their veggie burger.  Or at least it looks like the meat was dropped into the fryer.  So that on top of onion rings which are obviously fried as well....

Needless to say I am awake before 5 o'clock in quite a bit of discomfort.

Well played gall bladder.  I had intended on sleeping in a bit today but never mind it was a silly idea anyways.  

I am tempted to make myself a cup of Irish Breakfast tea but I am not to sure I want to put anything on my stomach quite yet.  The pain has subsided a bit since I have given up trying to lay down and walked around and am now sitting at the kitchen table.  I don't want to do anything that is going to upset my insides.

Speaking of food in general though I have say I have found or rediscovered some pretty cool things.  One I have rekindled my love for snacking on a fresh apple with peanut butter.  I used to love to make little apple peanut butter sandwiches as a kid.  Only difference now is I am using a significant less amount of peanut butter and I have added oats as well just for a little crunch.  Yum!

My second favorite discovery is Quinoa.  Now I have heard a ton of people talk about quinoa specially in the world of people finding healthier foods.  I have never actually tried it though.  So I bought a box of red quinoa and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make and all the different things you can do with it.  I love making a veggie vinaigrette salad with it and even more than that it makes a great breakfast to cook some up, mix a little bit of peanut butter and a little bit of honey in it and then just top the whole thing with fresh strawberries and I think for those of you who like bananas that would be really good in it too.  

I got this idea from a friend on facebook.

I have also discovered Rice Paper to make super fresh spring rolls with.  Only thing is, well... must I say what is funny about how this looks?  Lets just say I posted this picture on my fb page and we all had a good laugh.  Despite how it looks though it is great and super easy!  It can work as a light dinner or lunch.  Now if only I could get the bf to just try it. No joke he seriously won't try them. *falls into a fit of giggles* Sorry I find this whole thing more amusing than I should.  Anyways I am determined though so I am sure he will come around eventually.   B-)

Well anyways I just wanted to get on and kill some time since the sun was barely rising when I started to write.  Give you guys a little update on the ever so exciting life of this witchy blogger.  I hope that you all are doing amazing.  Good morning to you all and hope you have a great day to lead into an amazing weekend.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just some info and a shout out!

So as I am sure most of you remember I posted not to long ago about a big E.L.F. makeup purchase.  So far I am LOVING everything that I bought.  I did invest in some L'Oreal magic BB Cream to go under my tinted moisturizer.  It helps to give a more natural look and a smoother more matte finish.

I am not a fan of heavy makeup at all and with the BB cream which is SUPER light as my base I only have to use a tiny bit of tinted moisturizer.  Sometimes I don't even bother with the tinted moisturizer.  I also purchased Maybelline's Age Rewind Concealer.

Just to help with my dark under eye circles. With this concealer though I do recommend taking off the little fuzzy applicator and just using your finger (after washing your hand of course) or one of your own makeup brushes.  I am not the only makeup user to say this either.  It gets soaked in the product and is kind of gross after only a few uses.  So I just recommend pulling it right off right when you buy it. Both products are super light and can be found in most drug stores and are under $9 at least here in Phoenix AZ.

Anyways needless to say I have gotten back into doing my makeup a little more often, not all the time.  I do have something to say though as I had to be reminded that hard way.

1. Wash you face before you do your makeup!  Even if you just got out of bed and washed your face the night before.

2.  Wash your makeup brushes.  They will thank you and so will your face.

3.  DO NOT USE OLD MAKEUP!  It might seem harmless.  I got a reminder of what could happen today though.  I used a very old mascara.  I instantly regretted it as it didn't look how I wanted it to anyways.  It flaked into my eyes and onto my cheek.  After only a few hours of wearing it this is what happened.

Ahhhh look at it!

I was very lucky that it wasn't painful just a ....itchy feeling?  You know that weird feeling you get when something is swollen but doesn't hurt.  And with a warm wash cloth compress and some lavender oil it thankfully went away within a few hours.  So I am hopeful that this isn't the beginning of a stye.

I threw the mascara away needless to say.  Also for all the contact wearers out there.  You have to be especially careful.  You don't want to wear a mascara that flakes a lot when you have contacts in and you have to be EXTREMELY careful when putting liner on your water line if you decided to do so at all.  You can cause one of your lids oil glands to clog just like I did here which could lead to a stye, which is painful.  Your contacts are also bacteria traps if you aren't careful.

If like myself you notice a lump starting to form.  Take your contacts out ASAP and wash your face.

So this might be common sense I know but hey even people who know the consequences sometimes need a kicking reminder.  The lump freaked the snot out of me for sure!

Other than that again.  Still loving my new makeup.

Been having a lot of fun with it.  I know most of these pics look the same but I swear I did different eye makeup! =P  What can I say I like a simple clean look.

So for my shout out.  I found a new Artist on the tube to obsess over.  Julia Westlin.  She does covers of songs but also has a few of her own which I think are amazing.  I love her style and her voice and I think her personality is beautiful.  So here are two of my favorites by her.  The first being one of her originals and the second is a cover.   I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.  Hope to post again soon!  Have a good night everyone. =)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Just an update

Hey everyone I know its been a while... again.  I swear I am not going to disappear for a year... again.  Things have just been hectic.  I have had a lot of free time lately.  TOO MUCH free time to be honest.  And this is due to my employer last minute (like a couple of hours before I am going to go into work last minute) telling me I have the day off.  This started before Easter.  Then after Easter I get a call and well to make a long story short I have the next week off.  THEN when I think I am going back to work like normal I end up having another week off.  Lets just say that I love being a nanny but I think I might be too nice.  I think from now on contracts will be drawn up making it very clear what hours are guaranteed and how time off will work.  

Don't get me wrong who doesn't like time off?  But when you have bills to pay and had no time to plan for a two week vacation when you are used to being paid on a week to week basis.  I wasn't really in the mood to write.  Seems like my schedule is going back to normal though and with the summer I will hopefully get more hours as the kids won't be in school.

I am sure that you all can understand not being in the mood to write.

Other than that I have some news.  Due to the fact that I have gall stones and my bf has gout.  Two things which can be extremely painful if not managed.  We have decided to become vegetarians.  It might seem a little extreme but we are going on two weeks almost three now and it has made a world of difference.  I have only had one gall bladder attack and I think that was because I ate fried food and had a big cup of coffee on top of it.  My bf just had knee surgery and with that going on along with having flare ups due to the gout it was getting really stressful to say the least.  

From what we are able to make from the many articles online the body breaks down purine from vegetables easier than purine from meat.  So while we are still careful as to what veggies he eats since some are worse than others, with cutting meat out he has been able to walk much more comfortably than he has been able to in weeks.  We have also stopped drinking soda as well.  Which is a big deal in my opinion.

So yay exciting woot woot.  Lol

So far it honestly isn't that bad.  I don't really miss meat unless I like see a Baconator or ads for ridiculously yummy looking steak.  =P  I have noticed that during main meals I get full MUCH quicker than before.  I am guessing that is a good thing.  I think one of the biggest challenges is finding a good variety of meals to make or when we do go out its a bit hard to stick to the veggie diet in some restaurants.

Well anyways I hope that you all are doing well.  I am sorry I have been away.  Hopefully I will be back soon.