Friday, May 16, 2014


So I can't tell if this whole new vegetarian diet has made me much more sensitive in the long run.  If now when I eat highly acid foods which is a ton of veggies and fruits I will still be having gall bladder attacks on a regular basis despite the fact that I am eating much cleaner than I was before?

Anyways this isn't really a ramble about the new diet.  The bf and I waited until nearly 9 last night to decide that we should probably eat dinner.  We hadn't bought anything to make a meal at home and by then anywhere decent was closing.  So we settled for Burger King because come to find out they totally have a veggie burger even though its not on their menu.  Not the healthiest choice but we were able to not need to use a cheat night so we were happy.  I splurged and also ordered some onion rings to go with my veggie burger.  Now I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that they fry their veggie burger.  Or at least it looks like the meat was dropped into the fryer.  So that on top of onion rings which are obviously fried as well....

Needless to say I am awake before 5 o'clock in quite a bit of discomfort.

Well played gall bladder.  I had intended on sleeping in a bit today but never mind it was a silly idea anyways.  

I am tempted to make myself a cup of Irish Breakfast tea but I am not to sure I want to put anything on my stomach quite yet.  The pain has subsided a bit since I have given up trying to lay down and walked around and am now sitting at the kitchen table.  I don't want to do anything that is going to upset my insides.

Speaking of food in general though I have say I have found or rediscovered some pretty cool things.  One I have rekindled my love for snacking on a fresh apple with peanut butter.  I used to love to make little apple peanut butter sandwiches as a kid.  Only difference now is I am using a significant less amount of peanut butter and I have added oats as well just for a little crunch.  Yum!

My second favorite discovery is Quinoa.  Now I have heard a ton of people talk about quinoa specially in the world of people finding healthier foods.  I have never actually tried it though.  So I bought a box of red quinoa and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make and all the different things you can do with it.  I love making a veggie vinaigrette salad with it and even more than that it makes a great breakfast to cook some up, mix a little bit of peanut butter and a little bit of honey in it and then just top the whole thing with fresh strawberries and I think for those of you who like bananas that would be really good in it too.  

I got this idea from a friend on facebook.

I have also discovered Rice Paper to make super fresh spring rolls with.  Only thing is, well... must I say what is funny about how this looks?  Lets just say I posted this picture on my fb page and we all had a good laugh.  Despite how it looks though it is great and super easy!  It can work as a light dinner or lunch.  Now if only I could get the bf to just try it. No joke he seriously won't try them. *falls into a fit of giggles* Sorry I find this whole thing more amusing than I should.  Anyways I am determined though so I am sure he will come around eventually.   B-)

Well anyways I just wanted to get on and kill some time since the sun was barely rising when I started to write.  Give you guys a little update on the ever so exciting life of this witchy blogger.  I hope that you all are doing amazing.  Good morning to you all and hope you have a great day to lead into an amazing weekend.


  1. Poor you with all that abdominal pain! I ate at East Side Mario's yesterday for lunch and was sick all day and all night. Don't know what that was about. And yes, I think I see exactly what those rice paper rolls look like LOL GROSS!

    1. Have to admit I wasn't very eager to try them but I am glad that I did.