Other Crafts and Projects

Here are some small projects that my parents have done.  I am hoping to beable to post some of my own soon.

This a custom bear that my Mom made for my sister.

Another custom bear that my Mom made for my Baby cousin Lucas.
He was very into cowboys. Not sure if you can tell but the eyes are silver buttons with starts on them.

Another custom bear that my Mom made for a friend's daughter.  The material that she used for this bear was actually the same material that was used to make her friend's daughter's wedding dress.

This bear my Mom actually made for me.  Material for this bear is actually the same material we have used in many of the renaissance garb (clothing) that we have made.
(We are very into the renaissance reenactment stuff.)
The dress is actually my first baby dress there was a little hat that went with it but I am not sure where it went.
And has you might see the bear is sightless thanks to one of our dogs.  But it used to have purple glass button eyes.

This bear my Mom made for Caitlin to give to someone for Christmas.

All of these are some custom scrubs that my Mom made for herself.  She works at the clinic close to wear we live. 

Well thats it for now.  Will try to get some more stuff thrown together soon so I can have some of my projects up.