Monday, September 28, 2015

Halloween Goodies!

So I just participated in a Halloween/Autumn gift exchange hosted by the lovely Ms Misantropia.  I have to say I had a ton of fun.  I went a tiny bit nuts with my own crafting which caused a snow ball effect that my family is now seeing haha.  Equally just as great was receiving my own mystery gift box.  My Halloween gifts ended up being sent by Lexi from from over at Adventures of Lexington.  

I probably looked completely ridiculous when I finally saw a key in our mail box indicating there was a package waiting, I did a little dance that I am hoping no one witnessed.  I had been diligently checking the mail everyday in anticipation too excited to be very patient.

First thing I saw was this adorable little box.

I mean how freakin cute is that???

Second thing to notice?  *squees*  Everything is matching.

My little batty friend is going to be the perfect addition to decorating my craft room.
He will stay up all year.  No shame.

This picture does little justice to how great this tapestry is.  I am still trying to decide how I want to hang it.  Hmmm choices choices.  Though I think it might look great long ways by the window.

I just wanted to give Lexi a huge shout out for these wonderful gifts.  I LOVE them!  Also a HUGE thank you to Ms Misantropia for hosting the whole thing.  It was a great idea and I am hoping this is maybe the start a little Autumn time tradition.

I hope everyone here in the blogging world is doing great.  I know I have been absent for a while.  Part of the reason is one of the fans has stopped working on my computer and I will need to invest in a new one.  It just continues to over heat and freeze and/or shut down on my if I am on  it for an length of time.  Unfortunately I have more pressing things, like a car, that I need to save up for as well.  So I am not sure when I new computer will really be a realistic purchase.


That is all for this post.  Hope to write again soon!