This is just some of the jewelery that my family and I have made.  I hope that you guys like them.

My Mom made this matching earring, braclet, necklace set for me for Easter. 
She got the large pendant from walmart and it has dragonflys on it.  The rest I am not sure where she got but they are all glass pink/silver beads, and also small white glass beads.  There is also small silve Bee and flower beads.

Just a close up on the necklace.

This she also made for me for Easter.
Again the pendant is from walmart.  The light and dark blue glass beads, small white beads, and some very cool silver beads.

I made this one for my Mom. 
There are just a light yellow/green round glass beads, along with dark orange and light orange.
Then the smaller ones that weave between the bigger ones are white and orange.

Another braclet that I made for my mom.  Just using white and light orange glass beads then bringing the two stands together with the silver Bee beads.

This one was actually a pain in the but.  But I made it for my mom.
There are long skinny white and clear glas beads, then next to the big light blue beads there are small solid white and clear round glass beads.

There are actually three strands here though it is a little hard to tell. 
One strand that you can kind of see is just long skinny light brown glass beads. 
Another strand is different sizes of a bronze colors bead.
And then the other strand all glass beads, light blue, light brown and white.

I actually made this choker a few years ago for myself.  The blue beads are glass and just wrapped some memory wire around a dragon tear for the center.
Then there are small silver flowers.
And I think that the black beads are jsut plastic
I used memory wire for the whole thing.

This is a close up on the dragon tear so that you can see a picture of my little sister that I fitted behind it.

Another necklace with a matching braclet that I made for my mom.
All glass beads I think I got them all from walmart.  Different shades of browns and some bronze.
And then the large pink square glass beads for the necklace and then for the braclet to match the necklace I used small round pink beads.

Another braclet I made for my Mom using hematite.  The smaller beads are glass purple and white.
Because the purple a very...straight cut I guess you might say they didn't fit well with the round beads so it came out a little choppy.

This braclet I made for myself using purple and green glass beads with hematite.
I used just a regular wire for this and also made one for my Mom and little sister.
Each is slightly different though so they are more personalized.

I made this three strand necklace for my mom.   One strand is with a pearl white with a solid and clear purple bead.
And then the other two strands are clear purple and clear white glass beads.

Here is a close up on the beads I used to bring the strands together at certain points.

Again another matching necklace and braclet set that I made for my mom.  I think all the beads came from walmart except for the clear/silver beads.

And this is a braclet that my sister made with a little help from me.

So that is all for right now, sure that I will be posting more.  Hope to hear back from you guys.