Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vacation and some exciting news!

So I went to go visit my family and friends back home.  Most of the trip was awesome unfortunately after 2 days of being there I started to have a gall bladder attack.  Yes I had been going a little off my normal diet enjoying myself while visiting.  Nothing ridiculous though.  Either way I started to have a gall bladder attack.  It wasn't too bad at first but it just wouldn't go away.  

Long story short 4 days later I am still having a gall bladder attack and not able to keep any food down.  It was also getting worse so I asked my brother to take me to the hospital pretty sure that something was wrong.  Never mind the fact that it was 3 in the morning.  Haha  He was just so excited that I woke him up.

In the long run my gall bladder was filling up with fluid which was causing the pain.  Thankfully it wasn't affecting my liver.  In the end they decided that I needed to have surgery though because they weren't able to manage my pain and my gall bladder was only going to get worse. 

Soooooo guess what?

After an hour long surgery and a two day hospital visit I no longer have a gall bladder!!!!

I have been going a little nuts putting hot sauce on anything I can knowing it won't cause a night of tossing and turning in pain.  Did I really want to have my vacation interrupted with having to go to the hospital and spending the rest of the time being lazy while recovering?  No not really.  BUT I am happy to finally have this issue taken care of.  I've only been living with it since I was 19 after all.

While I had a great time seeing everyone I am exciting to be back in my own house and back to work.  

Speaking of home.  We are moving again.  Well sort of, really just moving houses.  We finally found something that we like!  We won't be actually moving until some time in July.  So hopefully everything goes well.  

So that is all that has been going on recently.  Hopefully I will have more exciting things to tell you guys about as the move gets closer.  As of right now its just a slow boring process but I will keep you guys updated.

I hope that you all are well and had a very Happy Easter!  I will try to be back writing again soon.