Tuesday, March 18, 2014

F is for Feathers

Feathers are used in many ways for those who practice natural magick.  To strengthen ones spell, they can be used as a substitute for a fan when required and sometimes is even preferred.  Some believe that words written with a feather pen hold more power within them.  Being that they are of the air element they are also good communication helpers.  I was taught if a bird ever gifts you one of his feathers either by leaving one behind as he takes to the air or pulls it out and leaves it for you it is a sign of great respect.  Of course it is perfectly acceptable to buy feathers when needed but as all things buying them doesn't replace going out into nature and finding them yourself.  

For me personally I think I have used feathers the most when smudging or working with incense.  I used to have a small medicine pouch that my Uncle's ex wife made for me.  She had also made me little moccasins. But as most things with children over time it disappeared I am not sure what happened to it.  Still have the moccasins though thanks to my Mom.  Most of what goes into a medicine pouch has personal significance to the wearer.  Funny to say but its usually a little bit of everything.  Seeds, minerals, feathers, fur, plants, clothe...  The list goes on.  Many choose feathers over other animal substance because they are almost like crystals in that they are of a great variety and a little easier to obtain.  Once your medicine bag/pouch is made it should never be opened by anyone.  It contains your holy items, to help you heal, or for protection, maybe guidance.  To let someone open your medicine bag is letting out the magick you put into it.

Another common use for feathers is when you are making a dream catcher.  I am pretty sure that it is common knowledge that it is important in having a dream catcher that has feathers as the good dreams come through the center of the dream catcher and slide down through the feathers and into the sleepers head.  Side note, many believe that a dream catcher stops all of the bad dreams which isn't necessarily true.  Sometimes dreams that are frightening and disturbing in nature still hold important messages.  A dream catcher purpose is mainly to catch those dreams which have no meaning.  It is also said to bring bad fortune to those who hang dream catchers anywhere other than in the bedroom above of the bed.

As mentioned before I believe that each feather found is a gift its use is depending on when and how it was discovered.  As these are gifts I find it of great importance to take care of them either by carefully keeping them between the pages of a book or stashed away in a special box until I need it.  Combining it with candles,  herbs, sometimes personal items, or sometimes simply using a feather as a tool to help spread the work I am doing.

I would make a list for you which feathers should be used for what and their significance but it would go on forever.  Lol  Plus I think we all have an understanding that magick and the earth speaks to each of us in its own way and it is better to discover within yourself what color, or type of whatever material you are using personally means to to you.  I hope you all are having a nice week though.  Time for me to go get ready for work.  

Finding the answer

Unlike week E I had a very hard time deciding what I was going to write about for PBP.  I was certain that I would likely end up writing a post about Fire and its many uses and importance in magick but it just didn't feel right.  So last week I just decided to hold off on the post.  Then inspired by Week D's post I pulled out my little mirror again and slept with it beneath my pillow in the hopes that the answer might come to me in a dream.  

As a side note I need to find a decorative way to cover the edges of this mirror.  It was once in a little compact case I had that broke. I kept the mirror for no reason but with the new project discovered that its edges are quite sharp.  

Anyways for days the answer wouldn't come to me though.  I had all sorts of bizarre dreams but none that I could think would make a good post.  

Then I dreamt about a Crow flying on a cloudy day.  When I woke my instant thought was "Flying?".  So I tried to roll with it but again the words just wouldn't come.  Flying just didn't seem right at all and to be honest the only thing I could picture in my head was the iconic Witch flying on her broom stick across the full moon on a dark night cackling as she thought of something funny.  So again my post draft remained blank.  

The very next night I dreamt of the Crow again this time he was on the ground standing tall and proud and he stretched his wings to their full length while I stood there looking at him in completely bewilderment in my jammies.  Can you picture what frustration and impatience looks like on the face of a crow?  I kid you not that is exactly the look this crow gave me before he flew at my face and gave a good peck to my forehead before taking to the air leaving me there slightly in pain and more confused than ever.  

Needless to say this dream had me a little worried the next day.  Many believe that crows are a sign of illness and death if seen in ones dreams.  Or simply a dark sign for change.  I personally have always viewed them like wise elders and messengers.  Either way though now I was more worried that these dreams had nothing to do with my post but were of more important significance.  So despite being a little worried of taking more time from my already short tempered Crow I decided to keep the mirror under my pillow and hope that this time I would be more receptive.

This time there were three crows.  The Crow tilted his head as he starred back at me and then squawked loudly making me jump which caused what I can only describe as a fit of crowish laughter from all three of them.  After that they all took to the air but this time left behind a mess of black feathers and then I understood.  So this weeks post will be about Feathers.  I am going to make a separate post for it since this one has already turned out to be quite long.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fun with art

So my friend and I were both bored and happened to be on facebook.  I made a comment about wishing that I had my sketch book with me and behold my friend shares with me a neat little doodle tool for the computer.


It is just the one drawing tool though you can make adjustments to how it looks and there is no eraser.  SO this started a drawing challenge of sorts.  I would tell her to draw something and she would tell me to draw something.  These are the finished results lol.  I love them.

I told E. to draw a rubber duckie.

And she told me to draw a flower...

Then she said I should draw a mermaid....  I ended up running out of room and well.... gave up as far as the head and hair went lol.

I told her she should draw something creepy...

And then told her she should draw Mushu from Mulan...

Then I drew a Kitty Cat... Kinda looks scary...

Then me being the dork I am had to throw a Halloween themed challenge to E.  Which I think she did an awesome job at...  Sort of jealous not even gunna lie...

Then she said I should draw another flower but so help me what I was doing looked nothing like a flower so I gave up and drew a butterfly...

And finally E. drew this dessert flower, which also reminded her of her favorite short film..... which I haven't watched yet because I forgot my head phones at home.  Dang it.   

Well anyways I just thought I would share these fun doodles with all of you.  I had a ton of fun making mine and being able to share them with E.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fun day

You know I didn't really do all that much today but it has been such a nice and relaxing day I can't help the smile on my face.  I slept in till around 10 and laid in bed for a good hour just enjoying the morning breeze coming through the window.  Took my time getting ready for the day and decided to go get my hair cut.  Well trimmed is more like it since I have spent the last few years letting it grow out.  

It desperately needed a trimming though to get rid of the damaged ends.  I have always hated finding a place to get my hair done at because more often then not the person I get doesn't listen or doesn't realize that I am not exaggerating how easy it is to mess up my extremely curly hair.  Today I found a really nice place though that was affordable and get this, M. my hairstylist like legitly massaged my head when washing my hair and put me to sleep.  Lol  It was amazing and she did an amazing job with my hair.  

When I went to pay I noticed the super cool jewelry that they had displayed.  It was all beautiful and steampunk, and made by local artist Nicole Joy.  I loved all the little neat pieces that they had and if I had the spare money I would have bought something.  But I thought that I would share a few pictures with you guys and also give you her facebook page link. 


Other than that I went grocery shopping which was fun and didn't make me want to pull my hair out.  I guess it pays to go in the middle of the day on a week day when everyone else is at work.  Plus the produce was beautiful today.  Now I am home and slowly taking my time cleaning house.  I just need to dust, sweep and mop and finish the dishes and I will be done.  Woohoo.

Oh I also wanted to share this with you guys.  I found it on facebook thanks to a friend.  It made me smile at the awkwardness but I also thought that it was interesting.

Watching strangers kiss for the first time can be really beautiful...

Well I hope you all are having a nice week.  I am getting more and more excited for Thursday.  I can't even really say that I am nervous.  My interview was so relaxed and I felt so comfortable that I can't imagine my first day being any different.  Knock on wood... 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Good news

So I guess I will start with the sort of good but bad news.  I quit my job.  It didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped but then again I can not say that I am really surprised.  Finally had enough of the inconsistency and lack of consideration for me as a person.  I let them know my main reasons for quiting in a professional manner and like everything else leading up to this point it was met with nothing more than disrespect and hostility.  

The really good news is later on last night after I had quit, S. called me to let me know she was impressed with my interview and the great recommendations that my references gave so she would like to hire me for the job.  I start on Friday.  I am trying not to be too excited because well I won't really know how the job will go until I have worked there for a week or two as this previous job has proved.  But I can't help it I am excited.  I feel like I was very clear about the hours I was willing to work and task I would be more than happy to do as a nanny.  So at least no one can say it wasn't discussed before I was hired.  The family seems really nice though and so far it looks like we all have a lot of common interest.  So cross your fingers everyone that this is it.

I will definitely keep you all posted on how things go.  I have a good feeling about this family.  Already I feel like I can be much more relaxed and myself.

I hope you all are doing well.  My head cold is much better today.  I can breathe through my nose!!!  Woohoo!  Best of wishes to you all.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Standing my ground

Sorry that this is a little late so...  I finally "stood up" to my employers.  Brought up some of the biggest concerns that I have been having about my new job and didn't back down when 'challenged'.  Sorry I know that isn't much detail about what was actually discussed.  It was a bit of a heated conversation even though I was really nervous.  I accomplished what I wanted I suppose.  I will no longer be working ridiculous hours.  I am still going to be looking for a new job though.  Fact of the matter is, that I don't get along with the family, I am not comfortable and the disrespect hasn't gone away.  I may have gotten what I wanted as far as hours go but that doesn't really change the situation as a whole.  

Plus I am sure after our conversation I have caused... maybe the better way of putting it is I have tipped the balance?  Challenged the other female figure and showed that I am just as strong willed of a woman and will not be pushed around?  So I get the sneaking suspicion that if I don't leave then I will slowly be weeded out.

Good news is I do have a lead on a new job.  I will be meeting with the new family on Friday so hopefully all goes well.  Crossing my fingers.  I just hope that this head cold that I have will go away by then.  Third time of being sick since I have started this job only a month ago.  Bleh!

I hope that you all are doing well.  Sorry that there isn't much else to write about as of right now.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Don't be nervous....

Well I have something important that I need to do today in regards to work.  Trying to take in all the advise that my boy friend has given me and not let myself get nervous.  There is no reason to be nervous.  Anyways all the good, empowering vibes that you all can send my way would be much appreciated.  I will let everyone know how it went soon.  Hope you are all having a great week so far.