Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finding the answer

Unlike week E I had a very hard time deciding what I was going to write about for PBP.  I was certain that I would likely end up writing a post about Fire and its many uses and importance in magick but it just didn't feel right.  So last week I just decided to hold off on the post.  Then inspired by Week D's post I pulled out my little mirror again and slept with it beneath my pillow in the hopes that the answer might come to me in a dream.  

As a side note I need to find a decorative way to cover the edges of this mirror.  It was once in a little compact case I had that broke. I kept the mirror for no reason but with the new project discovered that its edges are quite sharp.  

Anyways for days the answer wouldn't come to me though.  I had all sorts of bizarre dreams but none that I could think would make a good post.  

Then I dreamt about a Crow flying on a cloudy day.  When I woke my instant thought was "Flying?".  So I tried to roll with it but again the words just wouldn't come.  Flying just didn't seem right at all and to be honest the only thing I could picture in my head was the iconic Witch flying on her broom stick across the full moon on a dark night cackling as she thought of something funny.  So again my post draft remained blank.  

The very next night I dreamt of the Crow again this time he was on the ground standing tall and proud and he stretched his wings to their full length while I stood there looking at him in completely bewilderment in my jammies.  Can you picture what frustration and impatience looks like on the face of a crow?  I kid you not that is exactly the look this crow gave me before he flew at my face and gave a good peck to my forehead before taking to the air leaving me there slightly in pain and more confused than ever.  

Needless to say this dream had me a little worried the next day.  Many believe that crows are a sign of illness and death if seen in ones dreams.  Or simply a dark sign for change.  I personally have always viewed them like wise elders and messengers.  Either way though now I was more worried that these dreams had nothing to do with my post but were of more important significance.  So despite being a little worried of taking more time from my already short tempered Crow I decided to keep the mirror under my pillow and hope that this time I would be more receptive.

This time there were three crows.  The Crow tilted his head as he starred back at me and then squawked loudly making me jump which caused what I can only describe as a fit of crowish laughter from all three of them.  After that they all took to the air but this time left behind a mess of black feathers and then I understood.  So this weeks post will be about Feathers.  I am going to make a separate post for it since this one has already turned out to be quite long.

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