Tuesday, March 18, 2014

F is for Feathers

Feathers are used in many ways for those who practice natural magick.  To strengthen ones spell, they can be used as a substitute for a fan when required and sometimes is even preferred.  Some believe that words written with a feather pen hold more power within them.  Being that they are of the air element they are also good communication helpers.  I was taught if a bird ever gifts you one of his feathers either by leaving one behind as he takes to the air or pulls it out and leaves it for you it is a sign of great respect.  Of course it is perfectly acceptable to buy feathers when needed but as all things buying them doesn't replace going out into nature and finding them yourself.  

For me personally I think I have used feathers the most when smudging or working with incense.  I used to have a small medicine pouch that my Uncle's ex wife made for me.  She had also made me little moccasins. But as most things with children over time it disappeared I am not sure what happened to it.  Still have the moccasins though thanks to my Mom.  Most of what goes into a medicine pouch has personal significance to the wearer.  Funny to say but its usually a little bit of everything.  Seeds, minerals, feathers, fur, plants, clothe...  The list goes on.  Many choose feathers over other animal substance because they are almost like crystals in that they are of a great variety and a little easier to obtain.  Once your medicine bag/pouch is made it should never be opened by anyone.  It contains your holy items, to help you heal, or for protection, maybe guidance.  To let someone open your medicine bag is letting out the magick you put into it.

Another common use for feathers is when you are making a dream catcher.  I am pretty sure that it is common knowledge that it is important in having a dream catcher that has feathers as the good dreams come through the center of the dream catcher and slide down through the feathers and into the sleepers head.  Side note, many believe that a dream catcher stops all of the bad dreams which isn't necessarily true.  Sometimes dreams that are frightening and disturbing in nature still hold important messages.  A dream catcher purpose is mainly to catch those dreams which have no meaning.  It is also said to bring bad fortune to those who hang dream catchers anywhere other than in the bedroom above of the bed.

As mentioned before I believe that each feather found is a gift its use is depending on when and how it was discovered.  As these are gifts I find it of great importance to take care of them either by carefully keeping them between the pages of a book or stashed away in a special box until I need it.  Combining it with candles,  herbs, sometimes personal items, or sometimes simply using a feather as a tool to help spread the work I am doing.

I would make a list for you which feathers should be used for what and their significance but it would go on forever.  Lol  Plus I think we all have an understanding that magick and the earth speaks to each of us in its own way and it is better to discover within yourself what color, or type of whatever material you are using personally means to to you.  I hope you all are having a nice week though.  Time for me to go get ready for work.  


  1. What a beautiful post Nadine! I didn't know very much about feathers. Now I'd like a big massive one for when I'm smudging! My brother bought me the most gorgeous black feather quill for Christmas!

    1. Oh how fun. I actually need to look into getting another feather used for writing. I have made my own in the past but finding feathers in the good of condition and the proper size isn't the easiest task so I think I might just go out and buy something. ;)

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  3. Feathers are such a wonderful thing for magic. And for a writer, they come with extra energy, for they evoke the olden days of ink and quill.