Thursday, February 28, 2013

No more boxes!!!

Hey everyone I just wanted to get on and give the grand tour of our house now that we are all unpacked!!!!

I am so excited!  Took almost a week but we have finally got everything out of boxes and put away.  I love the new place.  I feel more at home than I have in a very very long time.  Well anyways I know these pics are pretty boring but like I mentioned I am very excited about our new home.  Felt like sharing a bit of it with all of you.

So this is the little sisters bed with all of her little friends.

Just a wider shoot of the room showing our pretty desk.
Sorry the lighting was not working with us.

This is our new table and chairs that we bought from The Brass Armadillo.
Such a fun little antique shop and we fell in love with the table and chair set the second we saw it.

Yeah we are all pretty excited about the garden tub in Mom's bathroom.
Who doesn't like to relax in a nice hot bubble bath.

One angle of the living room showing off the fireplace and Mom's egg collection.

Yeah sis and I love to read.
Our room leading into our bathroom which you can also enter from the kitchen.

There is my bed.  Just got the comforter was pretty excited.
Such a sucker for purple.

And here is Moms bedroom and her new comforter.
She was very stoked to have her dresser back and able to set out all of her pretties.

Another shot of the living room.  
Check out our couch! (can anyone tell yet that my sister, mom and I all love purple
We really didn't mean for it to end up a theme to the whole apt. it just happened we swears it.)

I just love how much space there is.  Tons of room for Yoga now.
(oh and in case anyone is curious the chair is sitting on the floor because the delivery guys
broke one of the legs and it is now waiting to be fixed.)

Well that is it for now.  I hope you guys aren't too bored.  We still have little things to do here and there like hanging scarfs on the windows and getting some paintings done to fill in the blank space.  Anyways hope you all are having a magical night. =)

Best of Wishes,

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just an update :)

Good morning everyone.  Just sitting here with my family enjoying donuts and coffee this morning.  Things are going really well around here.  Nearly completely unpacked yet still have quite a bit to do.  My Dad and brother came up on Friday night to bring us the last of our stuff.  Our new apartment is pretty awesome not yet ready for pictures to share though.  Still quite a large pile of boxes. *glares at said pile*  But at least it is down to one pile. Woohoo!

Funny I used to love unpacking and setting up a new space.  And to be honest I still do.  Its just hard when you have a job.  (and company =P )  Still working with Sam's Club though I had to transfer to a different store.  Might as well have just started a whole new job they do things so differently.  Not sure how I feel about any of it yet. Most of my co-workers seem pretty nice though.

Anyways that is about all I have to say this morning.  I hope that you are all doing well.


Monday, February 11, 2013


Well here I am again wondering where to start since it has been so long since the last time I wrote anything.  I am sorry for my absence.  Things have been.... well it hard to say.  Things are going really really well in the bigger picture.  For a while there I just lost the drive to come up with posts.  I wasn't very happy with my daily life I am sure all of you who keep up with my blog will remember I said my family and I are going through some hard times.  Plus in all reality there really just wasn't a whole heck of a lot to write about.  I think that was one of the things that was so discouraging.  Life just... was at a stand still.  We weren't happy with where we were living, the people around us.  It was just one be gloomy endless cycle and I didn't want to write about it.

So I won't... :P

There are a few things that I feel I have to tell you guys about that aren't I guess very happy news.  First I am no longer with Matt.  I almost feel silly... maybe embarrassed?  I made such passionate post about him and my feelings for him just to come to my own realization that he was in fact not the right person for me.  It happened all in such a short period of time as well.  He is a very good man... just not the right one?  Not for me at least.  We both have very different....

You know... never mind.  I don't think it is really necessary or appropriate to explain the reasons behind my decision.  Just know that I am happy and I feel I did the right thing for us both in the long run.

Things as far as my Mother's divorce are still working themselves out but hopefully coming to a close soon.  Things are looking bright and hopefully everything comes out for the best for every one.

I am still working at Sam's Club. =/

Ok enough of the bleugh news.

What is super exciting that I want to tell you guys about is that Mom, Cait and I are moving into a new apartment of our own!  We are super excited.  It is going to be so great to finally have a place to call home and a place that is our own.  Its been over half a year now and I think I can speak for the three of us when I say we are giddy with excitement and can barely contain it.  I plan to take a ton of pictures of the place for all of you once we have it all set up.  Its going to be great to be somewhere that is OUR PLACE.  Decorated the way we want, plants everywhere, open, bright, cozy.  Gah I can't wait.  Our move in date is the 19th of this month.  It was supposed to be the 10th but there was a little bump in the road and the date had to be pushed back.

I am especially excited for Cait.  Its hard for her as a 9 year old.  She is very mature and I am extremely proud of her.  Having to stay with friends though and not having a place that she can call home, the lack of privacy, just all the change has really taken a tole on her.  I have to admit that "little bump" I mentioned with our move in day, well she was so dis-heartened I could see she was putting all her effort into not crying.  I ended up laying with her in a dark room to let her relax and calm down for nearly an hour.  I was seeing red at that point.  Have no fear though I calmed down and went back leveled headed and got everything straightened out and it is looking like it will be better now anyways.

That is about it for now.  I am 'hoping' once we are in our new place I will be more encouraged to post.  Right now I don't always have access to my computer though.  I have been staying with a friend a lot lately and leaving my computer for my Mom.  Anyways I hope you all are doing well.

Best of wishes,