Thursday, February 28, 2013

No more boxes!!!

Hey everyone I just wanted to get on and give the grand tour of our house now that we are all unpacked!!!!

I am so excited!  Took almost a week but we have finally got everything out of boxes and put away.  I love the new place.  I feel more at home than I have in a very very long time.  Well anyways I know these pics are pretty boring but like I mentioned I am very excited about our new home.  Felt like sharing a bit of it with all of you.

So this is the little sisters bed with all of her little friends.

Just a wider shoot of the room showing our pretty desk.
Sorry the lighting was not working with us.

This is our new table and chairs that we bought from The Brass Armadillo.
Such a fun little antique shop and we fell in love with the table and chair set the second we saw it.

Yeah we are all pretty excited about the garden tub in Mom's bathroom.
Who doesn't like to relax in a nice hot bubble bath.

One angle of the living room showing off the fireplace and Mom's egg collection.

Yeah sis and I love to read.
Our room leading into our bathroom which you can also enter from the kitchen.

There is my bed.  Just got the comforter was pretty excited.
Such a sucker for purple.

And here is Moms bedroom and her new comforter.
She was very stoked to have her dresser back and able to set out all of her pretties.

Another shot of the living room.  
Check out our couch! (can anyone tell yet that my sister, mom and I all love purple
We really didn't mean for it to end up a theme to the whole apt. it just happened we swears it.)

I just love how much space there is.  Tons of room for Yoga now.
(oh and in case anyone is curious the chair is sitting on the floor because the delivery guys
broke one of the legs and it is now waiting to be fixed.)

Well that is it for now.  I hope you guys aren't too bored.  We still have little things to do here and there like hanging scarfs on the windows and getting some paintings done to fill in the blank space.  Anyways hope you all are having a magical night. =)

Best of Wishes,

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  1. I love the pictures and I love purple! Your new home looks excellent! Thanks for sharing ;o)