Friday, May 30, 2014

Recipe time!

So with the new diet and my attempt to be healthier I have really gotten into smoothies.  So on one of my ridiculously long pinterest visits I found THIS.

All three smoothies I think are very interesting.  The one I was the most interested in though was the peach, ginger smoothie.  I am not sure why because neither peaches or ginger are my favorite, the recipe while simple looked really good.  So today I went out and bought everything that I would need to make this smoothie.  

Now I am sure you have gathered that the recipe given make one HUGE FREAKIN SMOOTHIE.

I however can not handle large smoothies.  I have no idea what it is I always order small smoothies if I buy them and downsize almost every recipe that I find.

So I altered the recipe a bit...

I used:

1 peach
1 small slice of ginger (I'm talking like teaspoon size because I was super worried about too much ginger)
1 heaping big spoon of honey vanilla greek yogurt
1/3 cup of coconut milk

This made a little less than an average size glass.

This smoothie is really good!  I think next time I might peal the peach before I dice it up and toss it in.  I say this only because my blender is not the best and left pretty big pieces of peach skin which I am not a fan of.

Only thing is, I really feel like this smoothie is missing something!  I have no idea what I could add to it though that would compliment the other flavors.  
So I guess the point of the post was to see if any of you had any good ideas?

Also I do recommend trying this if you are a peach, ginger lover because it is very good.  I haven't tried either of the other smoothies but I do want to and will be sure to leave a review for you guys when I do.


  1. Oh yum!!!!!!!!! I have a smoothie pretty much everyday. I always use a banana, it goes with pretty much every type of smoothie. Strawberries too! Most of mine are strawberry banana, and I use almond milk too. My friend adds cinnamon to every smoothie she has and says it's amazing! Haven't tried it yet though!

    1. Might have to give a banana and some cinnamon a whirl. I know ginger and cinnamon work good together in most other things so I don't see why this would be different. My smoothies are usually a mixed berry. banana blend but I wanted to try something different.