Tuesday, September 30, 2014


So I have officially been on the east coast for a month now.  Have to admit it is taking a bit of adjusting.  Not that things are drastically different.  The first two weeks here, things seemed completely natural.  I think it might be because a lot was going on.  My Dad and Brother were with us, we were traveling and exploring from D.C. to New Jersey and to N.Y.C. It was a lot all in one go.  Then getting all unpacked of course.  Now that things have settled down it just feels different.  I have had a hard time sleeping at night one.   Not that this is too uncommon for me I suppose.  I am sure you all remember my not so long ago rants of sleepless nights.  Well they are back.  I am sure it is just because of the new place new surroundings sort of thing.

I had a bizarre eerie dream of a women coming out of the woods that is pretty much our backyard and she came into the house into the room and was watching us sleep.  I was watching her watching us sleep and talk about given me the heeby-geebs.  So I told her to go away and then she just went back into the woods.  For a couple of nights after the dream I just laid there half expecting this woman to show up.

Since Mabon passed I have been having a bit more luck just going right to sleep when I actually lay down for the night.  Then I have nights like last night where I didn't fall asleep until nearly mid-night.

Also still on the hunt for a job which I am sure doesn't help.  Still kickin myself that I no longer have a car.  I think that would make things much much easier.  Finding something within walking distance is proving to be a bigger challenge than what I first thought it would be.  I am sure something will turn up eventually though.  Lets just hope sooner than later.

Other than that I am still in total shock of how expensive everything is here compared to Arizona.  I knew it would be more expensive sure but I guess I just hadn't realized exactly how much more.  That rant could go on for ever though. Ha ha.

Even with all that I am still extremely happy to be here with the bf.  I have also been loving the fact that I have been leaving the windows open during the day and it's perfect temp in the house.

OH!  One more thing what is up with none of the groceries stores up here having Artichokes.  I have been craving one for lunch so bad and no joke I can't find any.  Lol

So how are all of you doing?  Getting excited for Halloween?  I am!  Even though we aren't doing anything.  So don't care.  Maybe I will make a spooky treat just for us. =P

Before I go I found another song I have been obsessing over that I wanted to share with all of you.


Well I hope you guys like it.  Also hope that you all are having a wonderful week so far.


  1. Oh my goooossshhhh that is a terrifying nightmare. You must get yourself some sleepy time tea if you haven't already. It will relax your mind!

    1. I definitely need to invest in some. I had a ton of teas right before the move. I think they all got put in a box though that I gave to a friend.

  2. My man is jet-lagged for several weeks after he's been in the States, it might just be that you have a strong circadian rhythm. I don't really.

    1. It is a two hour difference. Think I am gunna grab some melatonin and some sleepy time tea. I don't see why that wouldn't do the trick. Hopefully just help me get into the habit of going to sleep earlier.

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