Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cold Chile

Hello Lovelies.  I thought that I would get on today and share one of my favorite recipes... food... what not just yummy good deliciousness with you guys.  It is kind of like pinto de gallo (think that is how you spell it... is the worst half Mexican eva).  I am not the biggest fan of salsa.  I don't like soupy... red/green filled with seeds kind of salsa.  Just not for me.  What I do love though is Cold Chile which is just what my family has called it.  My Dad is usually the one makes it and I haven't really found anyone that does it quite like him so I figured I would share this like crazy easy recipe with all of you.

Oh I took all the pictures for this though I totally spaced that I should have taken pictures of the veggies before dicing them up.  Oops.  The proportions I am about to give you make a pretty big bowl.... just sayin.  Unless you have a huge family, are throwing a party, you will likely have leftovers.  My Dad always makes like this HUGE bowl and he has no exact recipe... just sorta wings it every time.
So what I am sharing with you guys is just what we did today.
Anyways.... first things first.

4 Large Jalapeño
4 Large Yellow Hots/Peppers (not sure exactly what they are called they look just like a yellow jalapeño)
2 Cucumbers
3-4 Tomatos
1/2 of a Large Yellow or White Onion
A ...bundle? of Cilantro (not sure exactly what to call it just you know when you go to the store and buy Cilantro and they have a bunch all band together.  Get one of those.)
4-5 Lemons

All you need for this is:
A big bowl
Cutting board
And a good cutting knife

Woot easy!

So I know the pics aren't the best and I don't know why I felt the need to take a pic 
of each diced up veggie but... yeah.

First before chopping the jalapeño and yellow hots you want to take the seeds out
and the thicker pieces of the viens...

Then slice and dice prrreeeeetty small both the jalapeño and yellow hots

Then after peeling them, you slice and dice the cucumber. 
I don't do it as small as the jalapeño and yellow hots but still keeping it pretty small.

Now we only used 3 tomatoes for this batch but it probably could have used one more.
I am not the biggest fan of tomatoes in fact I really dislike them.  
But this has to have tomatoes or its not the same.

We used a yellow onion for this but like I said you can use white also.
Dice about the same size as the cucumber I had a bit of trouble with that...

After cutting off as much of the stems as you can chop the cilantro the best you can since I know its kind of a pain.  
To make it easier I leave the band on the stems and cut right above it.
Usually works best.

After that add the juice from the lemon.  
We used 5 today but honestly I think 4 would have been enough.
Then just add salt to your taste.  
We like very little but everyone is different.

Mix it all together and vuala!
Has that fresh wonderful crunch and just mmmMMMmmm 

Really yummy with ruffles, or tortilla chips.  We put it on chicken tacos tonight instead of lettuce and the like.
It keeps pretty well and just a warning it gets spicier the longer it sits.

Anyways I hope that all of you like it if you decide to try it.  If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. Hope I got everything down...  =)

Have a wonderful night!



  1. This looks amazing!! So yummy! Thanks for sharing! Will for sure try this!! ;o)

    1. Thank you. You will have to let me know what you think when you do. =)