Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oreo Cookie Dessert

So Oreo Cookie Dessert or better known as Dirt.  One of my families favorite deserts and the only reason we don't call it Dirt is because my friend who taught us to make it calls it Oreo Cookie Dessert.  I am sure most of you have probably had it but I figured that I would share the recipe anyways since I made it for everyone yesterday. Was perfect after the Chile we ate though we all thought we were going to explode.  Anyways SUPER super easy recipe and hardly takes anything at all.  Not the healthiest thing on the planet either to be quite honest.  So here we go...

1 package of original Oreos or double stuffed whatever you prefer.  We like original.
1 Large tub (I think its 32 ounces?) of Cool Whip
1 pkg 8 ounce of Cream Cheese 
1 large box of Instant Chocolate Pudding
Possibly 3 cups of cold milk for pudding (the kind we buy calls for it.)

What you will need:
2 Mixing bowls one for the pudding and one of the cool whip cream cheese mixture 
(unless you have a big mixer with the bowl and all that jazz)
A whisk for pudding
9x13 Cake Pan
Rubber spatula
Measuring cup for milk

Note: You could use a whisk to mix the cream cheese cool whip mixture if you do not have a mixer or hand mixer but the cream cheese is sorta a pain in the butt to mix smoothly into the cool whip.

Before hand you want to leave the cream cheese out for a while that way it softens or else it will not mix well.  I would say like an hour before you actually start to mix everything together.

Sorry everyone I didn't take pictures of the steps like last time.

So after getting all of the supplies together and the cream cheese has sat out for a while the first thing I do is mix the pudding together.  That way it has a few minutes after mixing together and following the directions on the box to sit and thicken.

Then what I do is a take the Oreos and crush them.  You will want to take 3-4 oeros and set them aside for the top.  So you can crush the Oreos by hand but its a very messy business so what I do is take a ziplock bag or sandwich bag fill it up and crush the Oreos in there.  Sometimes I will used whatever I have to just beat on the bag for lack of better word.  Like the glass measuring cup... lol  Now it really depends on you how much you want to crush them.  My family likes to just give the bag a few good whacks that way there are some big chucks of Oreo.  But if you prefer them to be really mushed up then that is fine.  Then you just dump the crushed Oreos in the cake pan and spread them around evenly.  

After that I move on to make the cream cheese cool whip mixture.  Even after the cream cheese has sat out I still like to kneed the cream cheese a bit just to help soften it up.  Put all the cream cheese in the bowl.  You don't have to but with the mixer (or whisk if that is all you have [good luck]) I beat the cream cheese just for just a few seconds again to just make sure it is nice and soft.  Then what you do is add half of the cool whip tub into the mixing bowl.  Mix together until it is nice as smooth and very well mixed together.  

Now you go back to pudding and add it to the Oreos in the cake pan and use your rubber spatula (or whatever you prefer to use really) to spread it out evenly I like to make sure all the oreos are nice and coated.  After you want to add the cream cheese cool whip mixture.  It is usually pretty thick and hard to spread so I put it is in small globs all over the cake pan that way its slightly easier to spread evenly.  Trust me if you just plop it all out in one huge glob its going to be really hard to spread without making a mess and getting it even.  

Its ok if it doesn't look all that pretty with the pudding sorta making a mess and mixing in with the cream cheese/cool whip because right after you get that spread out you are going to take the rest of the cool whip and spread that over the top.  Then you just take the rest of Oreos you set aside crush them over the top and you are done!  I know it all sounds like a lot but it really is easy!  You just put it in the fridge after that and serve it after dinner or before if you prefer. ;)  Really good with a cup of coffee or a nice cold glass of milk.  Hope you guys like it if you decide to try it or maybe if you make it differently let me know.  I am always up for new ideas. =D



  1. We love making Dirt! So yummy. I think it's time to make more. Lol! :)

    1. Glad that you agree. ;) And it is really a wonderful desert this time of year. Nice chilled cream during a hot summer day. Oh yeah. lol

  2. That look so very delicious and they sell oreo cookies in The Netherlands now ; )
    Have a great day.

    1. Thank you. =) If you try it let me know what you thought!

  3. How did I miss this post!! My mouth is watering! Thanks Nadine ;o)