Monday, July 23, 2012


Well everyone I hope that you all had an amazing weekend.  I spent mine hanging out with my friend Zaranda.  I haven't seen her in over 7 months and its been pretty much just as long since we last talked.  We had a TON of catching up to do.  It has been great being able to spend time with her.  Actually still with her right now.  Figured while she took a few minutes to read I would write a quick post.  Friday night we went over to one of her friends houses.  Ended up staying there all night hanging out and we didn't get back until like 6 in the morning where we finally passed out.  Lets just say we didn't wake up until around 1 and didn't get up to do anything until like 2.
Saturday after finally getting up we went out to Denny's.  Then went to the Arrowhead Mall where we spent a few hours just window shopping and messing around.  We had a really really bad dust storm on Saturday so we spent our time there waiting for it to calm down outside.  We had a ton of fun just trying on clothes we couldn't afford or would never actually buy lol.  Got into one of those photobooth things. =)

Yeah we be dorks.

One of the photos from the strip. Since that is usually how it goes only one picture out of the whole bunch is actually a decent picture lol.  We had fun though and its kind of cool that now you can get your photos online by using a code.  At least if you use one of the blababooth photobooths. We also found this really cool store called Hot Rags.  We both really liked the stuff that they had in the store was super cute.  But WAY over priced in our opinions.  That is usually how it goes with stores in the mall though.  Found a really cute bag but they wanted 20 dollars for it.  It looks like it would be relatively easy to make though.  I liked the colors and little designs they had on it.

I like the fade and all the different symbols.
The peace sign, Om symbol, and the colors were very pretty.

After messing around in the mall for a few hours we went to Bookmans one of my favorite stores lol and spent about an hour there.  Z was able to find some good books.  After which by then it was like... 9:30 ish we decided it was time to start heading home.  Being the weirdos we are even though it was raining we both decided we wanted ice cream before going back to the house.  So instead of just going somewhere like Baskin Robbins which we both know we like we found Mary Coyle Ice Cream on her gps thing and decided to try it.  It took us a while to get to it and when we got there we saw they actually had a drive thru.
Yay no having to get out in the muky warm rain of Phoenix Arizona.  

It looked like a cute place and we both got very excited when we saw coffee ice cream with hot fudge and almond topping.  Sad to say it was actually really horrible.  I am sorry Mary Coyle but it really was. D=  What we got was 70% whole heavily salted almonds 20% hot fudge and 10% ice cream.  Funny part was what little ice cream was there was actually very good.  If they just.... proportioned it right it maybe chopped the almonds it would have been very yummy.  It was fun trying something new though.  
Yesterday we just hung out around the house watched John Carter of Mars.  It was an interesting movie.  I liked it though its not something that I would normally pick out.  Today I am not really sure what we have planned.  I am pretty sure that she is going to give me a lift back to my place since I have been gone for a few days now.  It has really been great being able to reconnect with her though.  That is about it for this post today.  Hope you all are having a great Monday.  



  1. So glad that you got to reconnect with your friend, and keep in touch. That is always a great thing :) My friend, who I have known since kindergarten, and I are still really good friends and we are always chatting via text message and such. She is actually coming to the mad tea party on Friday, funnily enough! You should definitely join in next year, it will be a blast! And check out all of the other parties for ideas :) I have waited a year for this party to come and now that it's finally here, I am blowing my top! I am reading the Night Circus right now and it's very intriguing! I just checked it out from the library because I didn't feel like spending twenty bucks for a book I might not even like. So far, it's very mysterious and, for lack of a better vocabulary, good.

    Hope you are having a great time with your friend!

  2. So happy you had fun with your friend! The purse is cute! I would have been tempted to buy it! Sorry the dessert wasn't better! Have a great day!