Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh the possibilities.

Well I figured I would write a quick message tonight.
First look! =D I have 5 followers.  Talk about being one happy lady right now. lol  Thank you so much guys!

So anyways... today was a good day we went and looked at the new house.  Needs a bit of work done to it but I am very excited.  I am hoping to get the studio out back so I will sorta be set away from everyone it would be nice.  But Scott (the roommate) might be the one staying there.  Lets just say he has managed to get on my nerves a bit over the whole thing.  Enough about that though moving on.  So I either get the studio which is decent size has its own bathroom completely detached from the main house or a bedroom in the house that has its own entrance and I will only share the bathroom with my younger sister.  Either way I am excited.  And since the house is being bought we get to paint the rooms however we want!  First for me and I am uber stoked.  

Since we had to leave so much behind and have like 0 furniture we literally have to start fresh.  So I have been trying to think of some cool looks for my room.  The tile in the main house is like a DARK DARK almost black blue with some white... cloudy looking lines through it.  Sounds a little odd but its actually really pretty.  And we have to put new tile in the studio.  So I spent a lot of the day trying to think of different looks for my new room.  Oh the possibilities. Lots of cool pics picked out which I have decided to wait to share until Friday to be a part of the new Friday Favorite Finds post.  Because there is just a mass of them I need to go through them and down size lol.  I would love to get all of your opinions though.  I personally love vintage, bohemian.... almost hippie style.  I like the idea of having a bed close to the ground I think they are called platform frames? or a metal canopy frame that I can hang some sheers on.  As far as colors go I am pretty open. 

That is pretty much it for this post.  Hoping to maybe be able to go around and thrift store hunt for some of the things I will need soon.  Though its a little hard since at the moment we are currently still in the apartment where I don't even have a room.  We are hoping to be in the house by the end of August I think is the plan.  We will see. =)  Other than that not all that much is going on.  I am a bit impatient waiting for the call about when I can start working.  I am just ready already lol.  I know its only been a day but holy cow I am so excited.  It will be nice to have that comfort of knowing I have a steady source of income to help pay for things and start saving for all the things we will need.

Well I hope that you all are having a lovely week so far.


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  1. You keep going honey, and you will have 10 and then 15 and on and on. Have a beautiful week.