Monday, July 30, 2012

Le Mysterieux Carnival

Hey do you smell that?  Smells like cotton candy to me.  What?  You hear the music too?  Oh good I thought that it was just me.  

Look there just at the edge of the woods, there is something sparkly on the ground.  Its glitter... there is a whole trail of it leading deep into the dark woods.  

What?  Oh you think we should follow it?  Ok lets go...

These woods are a little spooky.  No... I'm not scared. 
You're not either. Oh good.

Hey look I see something....
Its a light...

Oh... its a jack o'lantern.
What is he doing way out here?
Hmm? What are you pointing at?
Oh there are more all along the path how odd.
Well lets keep going.

Hey look I found something.  Its very pretty.
Le Mysterieux Carnival... huh
Look there is another one over there... now we both have one.
I wonder where this path is leading us.
Hmm? Oh the music... Yeah it is getting a bit louder isn't it?
Yeah, I hope we get there soon too these woods seem to go on forever....

Oh how exciting!  This year things are being shaken up and changed just a little bit, and its fantastic.  I know this is the time of year when I get ready to see all the amazing Practical Magic parties here in the blog community hosted by our lovely Anna who's awesome blog is Frosted Petunias (botton to the right).  This year though she decided that a more fitting theme would be a spooky marvelous carnival!  Don't worry though the Practical Magic parties will still be held but in the spring instead.  So lets join Frosted Petunias and Incipient Wings in the spooky fun.

I am so excited to participate this October!  So many ideas.  If you want to join us in the fun go ahead and click the button at the top of my right sidebar.  Read up on it a bit more and don't forget to grab your silver ticket. ;)  Would be awesome to see all of you guys there.  I hope that you enjoy this post felt like doing something a bit new try and get into the spirit.



  1. This looks wicked! I have to see if I can make the party ;o)

    1. I hope so would be a ton of fun to see you there.

  2. Oh Nadine, this is an awesome post and what a fun party! Thank you for the info. I am on my way over. Hugs, Mina

    1. It will be great to see you there. Now I just need to figure out with my booth will be. ;) And get going on making my silver ticket.


  3. Oh how wonderful ~ I'm so glad you gave this a shout-out so I can hop on over! Thanks♥♥
    P.S. Some time you should let me create a custom banner for you ~ ;)

    1. I am glad you liked the post. I can't wait for it. I would LOVE one of your custom banners. Its actually been a goal of mine to save up for some of your lovely stuff. Now that I have a job I can actually consider it.