Friday, January 24, 2014


Well I have finally started to watch the show American Horror Story.  I am a bit of a chicken, always have been.  So I can't stand to watch anything scary when I am alone.  Get myself too worked up and paranoid lol.  My boyfriend has completely different taste in shows/movies than I do so I can't count on him to be my TV buddy.  So despite a first failed attempt to watch the show I tried again and found that I actually really like it.  The first season was great.  Yes I have already finished it, have a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment.  So today after doing some shopping and picking up my lunch I came home to start the second season.  I discovered I am a bit squeamish.  This second season is a bit gory and while eating my sandwich I was slowly losing my appetite.  

So needless to say I decided to watch something else.  Started watching Charmed from the first episode.  I know a lot of people think the show is a bit corny and cliche but it has been a favorite of mine since I was little.  Going back to American Horror Story for a minute though.  This second season is definitely throwing me for a loop.  


So I mean Aliens?  Really?  Sort of weird if you ask me and with what little I have seen of the season I am not seeing the connection to the Asylum.  The show still holds that air of suspense and drama enough to have my attention held tight.  I have to admit the idea of a corrupt Catholic based sanitarium for the mentally unstable definitely sounds like the kind of story I would be interested in.  So I suppose that we will see what happens.

End of spoiler

Does anyone else like Fig Newtons?  I happen to love them and have been thinking it would be cool to make some of my own.

I found two different recipes I thought sounded good.  One for plain homemade Fig Newtons and another for Orange Cardamom Fig Newtons.  Both look super yummy.  Soon as I get a little extra money I will have to give this a try.  I think I am in a cooking mood thanks to Piper.  She was always one of my favorite characters in the first few seasons of Charmed and I love that she is a chef.  I would also kill for the Halliwell kitchen or well the Halliwell Manor in general.  It is only second to the Owens house as far as my dream house list goes. Ha ha.


  1. I'm a big horror fan, and also a big American horror story fan and I have some tips for you:
    First season - great.
    Second season - depressing, no humor whatsoever, lots of misogyny and unanswered questions. Skip it.
    Third season - GREAT! The humor is back, strong, colorful women and lovely setting.

    I lost interest during the second season too, feeling almost physically ill after each episode. But luckily every season is completely different than the previous, and they totally won me back this season!

    1. Sad day I thought the first season was so fantastic I was very excited for the second. I suppose I will take your advise since so far I am more confused about the new season than anything not to mention trying to follow the many different characters that are introduced so briefly and then dropped it is driving me crazy. I also don't know how I feel about any of the women's roles in this new season all seem corrupt and yet fighting for their position as women.

      I will have to wait for the third season to be put on netflix unless I am able to find it somewhere else.

      I am usually not all that squeamish of a person. I love horror and am a ultra nerd when it comes to zombie movies even the bad ones. I just hate watching horror alone. But the second season of AHS has somehow managed to strike a cord for me that makes my stomach turn.

      Thank you for stopping by and even more thanks for the advise.

  2. Oh what a cute little blog with the sweetest blog name. The jewelry you make look like fairy jewelry! Much love from me in a snowwhite Sweden

    1. Oh thank you Sara! You know I haven't sat down and made any jewelry in a really long time. Its funny that you mention it since a friend of mine just gave me two bracelets that she made and I thought that it would be fun to make something of my own again.