Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hair and Ink...

Well I have tats on the brain.  I have been itching to get my next tattoo but I am still undecided on exactly what I want I have hundreds of ideas running through my head.  One thing that I have always thought would be a ton of fun would be to get a pin up witch.  Honest truth though unless I found an amazing artist I would be terrified to get a pin up girl.  I have a very specific style in my head when I think of pin up and I would want it to be just right.  I found a few fun pictures just looking for inspiration.

This picture is about the closest thing I could find to the style that I would want. Not the biggest fan of the actual outfit of the witch but I do love the background and pose.

I love how simple this tattoo is.  It is small enough that it wouldn't be too hard to hide when doing things like job interviewing or just needing to keep an air of professionalism.

I really like this design and always wanted an om symbol.  I think that when I get it I will either create a design like this one or have the om be the center of a mandala design.

This one I just thought was really cool.  Not to mention the shading in this particular tattoo is really nice.  I love the moth and I think that if I ever decided to get another butterfly it would be something like this.  I am really drawn to the realistic look of this tattoo and that it is also not your typical 'oh look its a pretty colorful butterfly.'

Anyways so as you can see I have a bunch of tattoo plans.  So far I only have one but I have always been drawn to tattoos, even when I was a little girl.

Other than tattoos I have also been considering dying my hair again.  I used to dye my hair different shades of reds and purples all the time.  For about two years now though I have been letting my hair grow out and have finally gotten back to its natural brown.  I am bored again so I have been considering going burgundy.  I still don't know if I will though.  Dying is a lot of upkeep and I don't like how the last time I dyed my hair it got fried and the ends were destroyed.  But we shall see.  Here are a few pics of the color I think I will go with.

I think this first one might be my favorite showing exactly what color I would want.

Well anyways that is what is going on here.  I hope that you all had a nice weekend.



  1. Love that burgundy hair colour! Do you have any tattoos? I love the pinup witch idea but yes you'd have to find a great artist! If you don't have any tattoos start small! They're expensive and painful!

    1. I have one tattoo so far though I have been planning for many since I was little. Always wanted to be a tattoo artist...

  2. I really like a nice tattoo and I have a thing about moths, so that neck one just evokes something inside me.