Monday, January 20, 2014

Music Monday

"Once upon a time there was a grey witch who lived in a cave on a hill by the sea.  She had a grey pointed hat and a grey robe and a grey furry cat who liked to catch mice.
The grey witch had a big grey book of spells which she liked to mix up and cook in her cauldron."
                                              --Diana Mitchell

I won my very first giveaway so a special shout out to Amy over at A Bookish Girl.  Thank you!  I haven't read all of the little short stories yet but so far it is cute and amusing.  Makes me wish that I had my kid sister here to share it with.  If you haven't visited A Bookish Girl yet I do recommend it.  Great book reviews and so far I have found a few pretty good reads thanks to Amy.

Funny little story though when I got my package as I have been expecting it I was so excited and knew immediately what it was that I decided to open it in the car.  Seems like a harmless act as I was parked but well....

I managed to open it wrong.  Honest truth I have never gotten a package filled with this... stuff before.  It has always been bubble wrap.  Needless to say the front of my shirt was covered in what looks like lint and finely shredded paper.  So I put the package aside and decided it would be better to wait until I got home to open it the rest of the way.  

When I did get home I tore it even further open on the counter and tried to gently dig through the stuffing with a fork all the while wondering why someone would put this stuff in around the book surely they must have realized what a horrible mess it would make.  I eventually did realized 'oh there is a center layer of package paper on the inside' where the book is.  I had torn into the outer layer of the package and not realized it.  Oops!

Other than that today has been a very mellow day.  Now that I am not working I need to stop ignoring my alarm.  I don't want to get into a habit of sleeping the day away.  Bit hard to motivate yourself to get up when you really don't have all that much to do other than job hunt which, well if I could I would avoid all together.  I think I am going to try planting some indoor herbs again.  I tried a little over a year ago and was quite successful but then when things with the family started to go down hill I stopped tending them like I should have and they suffered for it.  I just have to convince my boy friend that it is a good idea.

Probably the one thing that him and I disagree on is plants.  I love plants and if I could I would have them in every room of the house.  He on the other hand firmly believes that they attract creepy crawlies which I can't really say is completely untrue.  We will see I suppose.

Anyways I decided that if I post on a Monday I will make it a Music Monday post as well like I used to.  Unlike before though I won't get on to post just that like I tried to do before.  It was a bit taxing and I am not sure why since there is plenty of music out there to find something to choose from.  But if I happen to write on a Monday I will include some music to share. =)  I hope the week has started off on a positive note for all over you.

So as some of you know I am a Disney fan so I had to pick one of my new found favorite songs from the recently released Pixar, Frozen.  If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.  It is a definite welcomed break from the usual guy saves the girl, Princess marries the guy theme we have all become a bit used to seeing in Disney Princess movies.

For my lady followers if you have a sister you are close to.  If possible make a sister's day out trip for this movie you won't regret it.

So there are two versions of this song the one that is in the movie and another by Demi Lovato.  I personally like the version in the movie but that is just me.  For those of you who haven't seen the movie yet both videos show a bit of the movie.  Not enough I think to really give all the much away but I just thought I would give a warning.



  1. Congrats on the win ;o) Looks like a great book ;o) You made me laugh about the wrapping!

    1. Made myself laugh. One of those moments you are grateful no one was around to witness it.

  2. I loved Frozen, especially the sisterliness (erm if that's a word) of it.