Thursday, January 23, 2014


Remember when I said that one of the things I was going to work on was living in the moment and an example I used was not being a crazy person who gets nervous and anxious over things like driving with other people in the car?

Well my boyfriend asked me to drive today in his car for the first time since then.  I didn't even put up a fight I simply said sure like I wasn't internally screaming 'Nooooooo this is wrong!'.  So we go and all goes well until we are, oh I don't know maybe a mile from home.  No nothing horrible happened.  Just little things that grated across my already strung out nerves.  Probably the worst thing being that when I had to open the door to reach and punch in our gate code I accidentally hit the box with the car door.

Ugh!!!!  Whhhhhhhyyyyyy?

My boyfriend didn't say anything really but any form of self motivation I had been chanting in my head to make this driving experience seem like it was going great was shattered into a hundred little pieces.  I felt like an instant dufus, and my stress level jumped up to a high, still trying to get myself to relax.  When I get upset or nervous my neck and shoulders tense up and tend to stay that way for quite some time.  Luckily there is no scratch or dent and I am trying not to obsess over it but well... I think I should make myself some tea.

Anyways I am trying to see this as a triumph instead of focusing on the negative.  I don't want to revert after all.  So next time I am asked to drive I will bite my tongue, hop on the broom and just go with it. Lol!


Have a very good night everyone and I hope that you all wake feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge you may be faced with tomorrow.


  1. Oh dear don't feel bad! I had quite the fright this summer when I dinged someone's door in a parking lot because the wind caught my door when I opened it and whacked it into theirs! And it left a big mark lol!

    1. I remember when I was younger my Mom let me sit up front for the very first time when we went into town. In the parking lot when I opened my door I broke off the side mirror of the car next to us. I felt terrible.