Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Sorry I know a few days late but I hope this new year has started off great for all of you.

Well I spent all day yesterday again making more cookies.  This time with friends though.  A friend of mine found a recipe to make home made Samoas.  I used to love these I think they are now call Caramel Delights if you buy them from girl scouts.  I am gunna stick with Samoas though. =P

Anyways all of us when we saw this recipe on pinterest thought 'Oh yeah!  That sounds like a ton of fun lets get together and make some!'.  So we did.  I have to say though these cookies are a GIANT pain in the butt to make.  I am not sure why but the dough for the actual cookie is much like when you make sugar cookies.  But it is eggless.  Which isn't a big deal but it is super sticky so rolling it out is no fun.  You have to chill it of course but it gets super soft again SUPER fast so you have to work fast when rolling and cutting.  Oh! and then cutting these puppies out!  It says to use a doughnut cutter.  Well us being who we are thought 'ha we don't need that we will improvise'.  Well we did starting with a cup and a small metal measuring cup of sorts.  We soon discovered that these were way to big.  For a normal cookie maybe not but samoas as we later remembered are actually pretty small in size.  So after a few trail cuts using various caps from different spices we finally found the perfect two.  The center hole cap cutter I could literally fit on my finger tip like a hat.

I have to say the smaller around the better.  Like I mentioned we started with a cup to cut out these cookies and getting them onto the cookie sheet that size was a huge pain with how thin you are supposed to roll them out.  They just fell right apart.  So it might seem like the cap from one of your spices looks too small but it isn't they came out the perfect size.

So after we got all of our cookies cut and baked you have to paint all of them with melted caramel.  Then you put a coconut, caramel mix on top.  Sounds easy but you would be wrong in thinking that.  It is a big pain the butt.  Even more so if you are a perfectionist and actually are going to attempt to make them look like real Samoas and have it lay perfectly on the cookie.  We obviously gave up and started to just spoon the coconut on top.  Then for some odd reason after you put the coconut on top you are supposed to dip the bottoms in the chocolate.  Honestly I would recommend doing that step first as the coconut continued to fall in the chocolate and made a mess.  For the finishing touch you drizzle more chocolate on top.

Boom!  We have legit girl scout cookies!  Well I mean you will after you let them dry which takes literally forever unless you stick them in the freezer.

Despite the fact that making two batches of this type of cookie took all day and was extremely tedious.  Oh man are they good.  Even the boyfriend who doesn't like sweets likes these cookies.  He may not admit it but the fact that every time he walks by the plate of them he just happens to grab one counts for something.

We had a ton of fun spending the day together enjoying some girl time.

Well again I hope that all of you are off to a great start this year.  Best of wishes being sent out too you all.



  1. Happy New Year ;o) Love those cookies! A lot of work!

  2. I know NOTHING about baking and what sorts of dough is for what hehe, but these look YUMMMM! Love coconut in absolutely anything!

  3. These look so wonderful, I had to google 'samoas' - and now I'm hungry :)