Monday, January 27, 2014

Music Monday WOTE

So there hasn't been too much going on lately.  Last night I decided to participate in the Pagan Blogger Challenge.  This is something that is a bit new for me as I haven't ever joined in on challenges.  I thought that it would be fun though seeing as my reading list for the year is mostly metaphysically based.  I thought that the challenge might just be a bit more encouragement to read the books that I have as well as share the information I gain from them.  Also it is a great way to read other peoples practices and opinions, meet some like minded people and of course great discussions to be had.  I discovered it through a few of the different blogs that I follow and finally decided to check it out and glad that I am able to join in still pretty early on in the challenge.  For those of you who may be interested there is a button to the host blog on the top of my right side bar.

Right now I am currently reading The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington.  While I find much of what is discussed interesting, this book despite being only about 168 pages worth of reading material, I am having a hard time getting through it.  Usually I can sit and power through a book of this size in hardly any time at all and then I can go back and note down whatever caught my interest.  This book though I find mentally draining and noticed I often have to set it down and take breaks.  I started reading it last night and about 30 minutes in decided to finish it today.  Well I picked it up again around 10 A.M.  and well so far I am not even half way through even though nearly 4 and half hours have gone by.

I was also hoping that I would find something interesting to be able to write about for this weeks Pagan Blog Challenge which is the letter C 'due' this Friday.  I know!  It shouldn't be difficult at all I mean all I have to do is find something that starts with the letter C that is relatively 'magick' related and write about it.  So far I have ZELCH though.  I have read about Dutch hex signs (sechs), the importance of doorways, and a whole lot on the element Fire and fireplaces.  Nothing that starts with the letter C though.  I am thinking I might just have to pick something and do a bit of research on and run with it.  I was hoping to stumble upon something in my book that is maybe new or a refresher and be inspired to write about it but I guess we shall see.  I still have 4 days to go so who knows what will happen between now and then.

Moving right along though.

This weeks music choice is from one of my favorite bands Walk Off The Earth a.k.a. WOTE.  I am sure I have posted some of their stuff before but two of their band members Sarah and Gianni just uploaded a new video to youtube.  It is a cover but I still really like it so I figured I would share it with you guys.  Plus I really enjoy when they make music vids with the 'clones'.  

Well I hope that you all enjoyed the video.  Hoping you all are having a great start to your week.  I am off to the grocery store to buy stuff for dinner.  Making yummy chicken tacos for dinner.  We had them just a few days ago but I convinced my boyfriend to actually let me fry my own taco shells for the first time since we started dating instead of buying the already hard shells in the box or baking them.  He hates corn tortillas and for some reason had it in his head he wouldn't like them the way I said I could make them but turns out he loves them and has kept saying since that we should have tacos again.  Lol silly boys.  So we are having them again.

Oh one more thing has anyone ever heard of Bountiful Baskets?  I know its not a super popular thing but I have been looking at their site and its a bit confusing and I haven't decided whether or not it would be worth a try yet.  If anyone has any experience with them I would love to hear your opinion.

So for real this time I have off!  Have a great rest of the day everyone.


  1. Oh I just love Scott Cunningham! It can all be a bit hard to get through so I tend to skim many magick related books, skipping charts and correspondences to look up later!

    1. It is a bit to get through. I am still not finished today though I have found the topic for my post. A bit dull but it was what stuck for me so I will run with it.