Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First Week Of Work

So the first week went good for the most part.  The kids were sick though so I definitely had my work cut out for me.  Both being so young are already attached to their parents so much and then not feeling good on top of it.  Poor Y. was sick to her stomach and ended up puking multiple times.  So lets just say that I feel like this first week of work kicked my butt.  The up side?

The family was so impressed with how I worked with the children and kept both parents involved even when they were away that they offered to give me full time opposed to as close to full time as they could.  I feel a little bad because they let one of their occasional sitters go but they wanted someone who was going to be with the children on a regular basis.  I guess before hiring me they had four different sitters all different days sometimes two a day and all had varying schedules.

I have to admit I am a little intimidated as the family is very different from the last family that I nannied for.  Plus trying to keep the kids involved and active is of course harder with their age.  Joys of watching older children is their independence and their own want to entertain themselves.  I am excited though because so far we have been  able to do all sorts of fun activities that older kids might find boring or 'childish'.  Tea parties, hide and seek, cucumber cut outs for a healthy snack, and general being silly.

Still, I can't help but still feel sad.  I am already missing the kids I used to watch, the whole family in general.  Its a hard situation as I didn't want to have to leave and they didn't want to let me go.  We tried to wait for another job to come along for C. but I had to take the new job offer.  Don't get me wrong, the new family is a great family too!  I just get this feeling that I won't connect with them on the level that I did with the previous family.  Is that naive?  I mean really each connection is different so on a level it is true.  Really though I think it is just a fear of change its hard to look past the extreme differences sometimes.

I mean I knew during the interview that I connected with the previous family and sat on edge waiting for the call that they liked me as much as I did them.  My interview ended up being over a hour long with just us talking about our likes and everyday lives while the kids tried to tell me all the things I needed to know to take care of them in one night.  We all shared a love for Disney and Pixar, a awesome nerd love for things like Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter.  The little girls instantly took a liking to me and me to them.  I connected with R. the 8 year old with our love of reading and the great thing was we both read a lot of the same things and then I connected with E. the 9 year old because we are both artistic and love to draw.  Really the whole family was artistic.  


This new job feels a little more... formal?  My interview was relatively short and to the point and the next interviewer showed up while I was still there which was a bit awkward.  When there I have to admit I find it a little hard to relax.  Not that they haven't done everything to make me feel completely welcome.  It just 'different' and the kids haven't completely warmed up to me which is to be expected.  I am after all a stranger and well if they had 4 different sitters before I can understand how this is a change for them as well. 

 I mean this is a job so I know I should treat it as such.  I would have eventually had to get a new job the kids won't need a nanny forever.  But gosh darn it I am going to miss them!  I was really hoping to be able to work for them for a long while.  


I know I shouldn't be focusing on the negative.  This new job is really a blessing and I do like the family.  They have been really good to me so far as well and very considerate.  They obviously like me if they are offering me full time which trust me is a huge blessing for me right now.  I am sure I will grow to like them just as much.  It is just going to take some time for all of us to fall into the routine.

Anyways on another note my cousin K. posted on my timeline on facebook a few days ago that she is going to get a tattoo of a flower that I drew for her YEARS ago and that she wanted me to get it with her.  I couldn't remember what the flower looked like though and I have tried to improve my sketching so I decided to redraw the design.  I remembered the basic idea but I changed it up a bit.  Originally it was supposed to be designed to go on the foot.  I personally already have a plan for my feet and honestly haven't decided whether or not I will ever get it.  I am a bit of a foot purist I guess.  So I drew this...

It needs a bit of work sure but I like the general design and so does my cousin.  We are thinking that it will go on one of the shoulder blades  I honestly didn't think that I would get another lily since I already have the tattoo on my leg that I got to symbolize my Mom.  But for my cousin I will since her and I have always been more like sisters.  Did I ever show you guys the tattoo I got for my Mom?  I don't remember.  So here I will show another picture...

I know a bit girly.  The tattoo of the rose is one that my Mom got when I was 5 and I watched her get it.  I always said that when I got older that I would get that tattoo because I thought that it was pretty and about the coolest thing that I have ever seen.  My Dad has a few tattoos as well and I always thought that they were amazing.  My brother and I actually both got our first tattoo together while my Dad got one of his old tattoos touched up and redone.  My brother got his chest done while I got the tattoo on my leg.  Honest truth I have all sorts of tattoos that I want but I always said that I had to get the one for my Mom first before I could get any other.  As I got older though I realized that I really don't like roses... like at all. So I decided to update the design a little bit and to go with a lily even though my all time favorite flower is a tulip.  I love how it turned out.  I wanted it heavily outlined and a more simple design so that it would be similar to the style of my Moms.  

Now I am excited to be able to start getting a few of the other tattoos that I have always wanted.  I think this is the one I am the most excited for.  I saw something sort of like this for a memory to someone who had passed away and I wanted to make one for the memory of my baby sisters birth.  I think I will get rid of her name in it though I am not sure yet.  Of course I want to change it up a bit make it 'better' plus I made a mistake, she was born at 6:35 a.m. not 6:30.  I want to try and make a way to incorporate the year maybe the whole date I haven't decided yet.  But the butterfly is a must says my sister and it must be purple.

Well I hope that all of you are having a nice week.  This post turned out much longer than I thought it would.  I really should not treat this so much like a journal.  Lol I don't want to bore you all with every thought that passes through my head.  Have a good night everyone.  Have to start getting ready for bet have to work tomorrow.

Oh and sorry about the copy right on the pictures I had an issue with someone actually trying to claim my stuff I was a bit upset.

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