Friday, February 14, 2014


So as mentioned before my first week of work and the kids I take care of now are both sick.  What is the joys of taking care of sick kids?  There is a 90% chance that you are going to catch what they have.  So yesterday morning around 6 a.m. I rolled over in bed only to be woken up by the all too familiar feeling of needing to puke.  I laid there for a second still slightly asleep thinking to myself "No, I'm not sick.  That can't be".  Only so a minute later I could rush out of bed and barely make it to the bathroom in time.  

It was horrible...

So I tried to call and text J. and C. unsure I would be of much help to them as I kept having to rush to the bathroom what seemed like every 10 minutes.  I could not reach anyone though.  So I sucked it up got dressed and headed to work.  I didn't want to just not show up.  It is only my second week after all.  I ended up having to stop half way there to get sick in the bathroom of a Circle K which was disgusting.  It caused me to be nearly 15 minutes late.  Then not even 5 minutes after I got there I got more sick than I had been all morning in their bathroom.  On top of being overly embarrassed I was begging in my head that she would just let me go home.  Which she did I didn't even ask as soon as I came out J. said she really thought I should go home and she completely understood because she has been sick all morning as well and so had both the kids.

Well relieved just doesn't seem to express how I felt.  I mean I feel terrible and I feel like this is making a horrible impression but since they are all sick as well I am sure that they understand.  =(

So I wasn't able to make it all the way home before I needed to stop again.  I decided to head to my old apartment which lease doesn't end until next month.  I thought it would be nice to have the privacy of my own clean bathroom.  I get there though and surprisingly my Mom is there with her ex husband.  Well I am sure we can all guess the irritation there but there was no turning back.  So for the next half hour the had to listen to me get sick until I was steady enough to make it the rest of the way home.

I have been sick before had the stomach flu, food poisoning.  I have NEVER felt like this before though.  I didn't eat or drink anything yesterday yet I continued to puke every hour despite there being nothing left to get rid of.  It was like I could not control my body to not go through the motions of getting sick.  On top of that I hurt.  Like everything just hurt the bottoms of my feet, to a massive head ache, my stomach feeling like it was trying to collapse on itself and my back screaming at me.  I couldn't stand up or else I needed to get sick and so I spent all day in bed on my back.  Thankfully today I am feeling better.  Still a bit queezy but not in pain anymore and not getting sick.

Back to work on Sunday.  I understand now why the kids felt so bad.  Time to try and get something in my system and start a BRAT diet.  Banana, rice, apples, and toast.  Well maybe not the bananas cuz me thinks they are gross.  But everything else sure.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Valentines Day and that your health is with you.  


  1. Having the stomach flu is nasty and debilitating. Thank goodness it doesn't last forever. Hope you're feeling better, by now!

    1. Much better and it only lasted about two days. I feel bad for the family they all got the really bad end of it with catching two different viruses. The stomach bug and a bad fevers.