Friday, February 28, 2014

E is for Eggs

This week was not hard for me to choose what to write about at all.  Eggs have always been something special to me because of my Mother.  She is a collector of eggs.

Eggs have great significance in magick.  They are a sign of fertility, protection and can be used for cleansing.  Egg shell has many uses either in its natural state or made into chalk or paint.  I have found them most useful during meditation as well.  I think personally one of the most interesting things I have ever used an egg for was when I was 13.  I had read in one of the books I had just bought that if you write your troubles on an egg and bury it that the problems will work themselves out.  From my personal experience a lot was going on in my life back then with my family and while I think some of the things I wrote on the 4 eggs I buried did work itself out, a lot just took time. 

When I was really little we used to have chickens also.  It was one of my favorite things to go into the coop and find all the fresh eggs.  Granted I had/have a fear of chickens so it was a sketchy task but still fun.  I guess I never realized how nice it was to have an almost endless supply of fresh eggs until we moved to the city and no longer had chickens.  Not only were they great for cooking but when needed it was nice for cleansing.  Something about being able to go into a coop and find 'your' egg for the task makes the experience all the more fulfilling.

Well I figured that I would share pictures of my Moms collection with everyone.  I think she started this collection before I was even born.  Don't judge that some serious dusting needs to happen.  This is at the apartment that neither of us have lived in since before Christmas.  Lol

I think that some of my favorites are the actual Emu and Ostrich eggs.  Of course the clear glass egg full of the smaller eggs is fun too.  But I think my all time favorites would have to be these two...  The green one I fell in love with the first time my Mom showed it to me.

Well I hope that you all enjoyed the photos.  Again excuse the dust!  Lol  Hope that all of you are doing well.


  1. Oh I just love the eggs! Such a beautiful springtime symbol!

    1. Thanks lol you know I totally blanked that Spring is already here.