Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Goal Update and some big news!

So lets start with my goal updates.  Sorry that it took me a while to get this up.  There isn't too much to tell.  I did invest in a GED prep book which honestly has boosted my confidence quite a bit.  I thought that I was going to get this book and not understand a single things inside it.  But so far everything is like an easy refresher course.  The book itself is pretty intimidating in size I will admit I picked it up and was like "omg what the crap?".  

It is very easy to follow and so far I am happy with my choice.  All the sites I looked on before purchasing this book gave great reviews.  I did read one though that this book is a little old and not meant for the new and improved G.E.D. Test which started January 2014.  I tried to find another prep book that would follow the new test but I couldn't find anything.  Plus I am thinking that while the format of the testing could very well have changed drastically the actual learning material should still relatively be within the same realm right?  I mean no matter where you go Math is Math and that sort of thing, right?  

So far I have only taken one of the prep test which was in language arts which I am sort of kicking myself for because I feel like by now I should have done more.  But I scored 20/25 which isn't that bad.  The pre tests in this book are half length to the actual test.  At least what the test used to be. Again I am still not convinced that this book wasn't a good purchase just because it is a little out of date.  The one bad comment and she didn't even say anything else other than it was old.  I did attempt to start the essay which in itself seemed easy enough. I don't really want to write to much on it here because then I feel like I will in a sense be cheating some how lol.  Anyways...

Other than that I have been working out gradually.  A lot of walking, some pool time, and some at home work outs.  I haven't worked out the last three days because I have been sick.  I woke up with a sore throat and it hasn't gone away.  My nose is a bit stuff as well.  Oh and I did dedicate some time to drawing.  Nothing crazy just a tattoo design but it felt nice.  So yeah that is about it for the goal updates.

So for the big news that I have drug out for quite some time now.  We are moving!!!  

Like moving moving.  Cross country moving.  I won't say exactly where but it is to the east coast.  I am very excited as well as super nervous.  This will be the biggest move I have ever made my whole life.  Plus it is going to be away from a lot of my family.  I am going to miss them but this is something that I want to do and feels right.  Plus I have had plenty of time to sit and contemplate if this is something I want.  It has been a plan long in the making for anyone who remembered my comments last year about this new year bringing big change.  Well this is definitely part of it.  So I will definitely keep you all up to date on how things will be going.  My bf is going out there before me to make things a bit easier.  It will give me about two months to spend time with family before I go which I think will be nice.  Then it is Hello East Coast!  I have a feeling this desert girl isn't nearly prepared for the cold weather, snow, and humidity that is going to be out there.  It will be an exciting new adventure though.  I am starting to get a little anxious as the bf is leaving in less than a week.  Definitely going to miss him but I think this is a smart way to do things instead of both of us going out there right away and me not taking a decent amount of time to get some quality family time in.

So there it is.  Sorry it took so long for me to tell all of you.  I didn't want to say anything unless it was 100% happening.

Anyways I do have to get going but here are some fun pictures I took when hanging out with some good friends playing in makeup lol. 

I feel like I look like I just walked of the set of Braveheart battle scenes.  FREEDOM!!!!!!!!! 

Well I hope you all are having a nice weekend.  Our internet is getting shut off tomorrow so I will try to get on once back with family and let all of you know how things are going.


  1. Good luck with the GED and move and everything! I think change is great!

  2. Oh you go girl! That is so exciting, the East Coast is beautiful, but then again I've never been further west than Michigan :P