Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Holiday Spirit?

Well I have spent the last hour reading many post about the holiday, Christmas gifts, snowy weather.  I will admit I can't help but be jealous.  It is still beautifully sunny here in the valley and we are looking at a week where the weather will stay around the 70s.  It is hard to imagine that Christmas is a mere 10 days away.  Despite the fact that I am always the first person to complain when it is cold I wish it was snowing outside.  I want a day where the air is crisp and I can wear a big over sized sweater, fuzzy socks, and snuggle down under a blanket with a good book and a hot drink.  Maybe have some of my favorite Christmas music playing quietly in the background.

Yeah I know I am an uber dork.  Can't help myself though.  I can't really remember the last time I had a "White Christmas".  Always thought one day I would move somewhere that it actually snowed.  Then I also think about things like blizzards, being snowed in, and driving in the snow, all that stuff that could also come with the snow.  I have actually driven in the snow and it is definitely not my most favorite thing to do.  In fact I hate it lol.

Anyways, I am enjoying my day off.  As a nanny now I get to have to the weekends off though that will soon change when my employer gets her new schedule.  Either way I have spent most of my day being lazy and ignoring the dishes in the sink that are calling my name.  I am in a creative mood.  I have an itch to write or bake something.  Really I would love to bake something but I have found one of the joys of moving out of your parents house is you realize all the small things they have that come in handy and now you don't have.  Like spices.  I never really noticed how expensive spices are until Thanksgiving.  I wanted to make a homemade New York style pumpkin cheese cake but it would have killed my bank account to buy all the spices I would have needed in one go.

Now I find myself with the same dilemma cookies sound amazing but I don't have a single thing to make any kind of cookie.  Thinking with my next pay check after buying necessary groceries I will pick up some stuff to make gingerbread cookies.  If anyone knows of a good recipe or good tips please share it with my as this will be my first attempt at gingerbread cookies.

Well that is all that is really going on here for the day.  I hope the rest of you are enjoying your weekend.



  1. I would never think of that, having to move out and going to cook something and realizing you haven't thought of spices, spices are crazy expensive! Do try not to long for cold and snowy weather too much, here it is so cold that exposed flesh freezes in under a minute.

  2. Well, snow is festive, but I think after about a week of it I'm ready for Spring's warm weather and sunny mornings. Though I admit there's little out there to top a snow-kissed winter night. Nice blog you have here. Enjoy your Cookies.