Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ahhhh blergh-ffff!!!

So it is 7:34 A.M. at this moment.  This may not be so early to some of you but for me on a non working day its toooooooooo early.  So why am I up?  Well my side decided that it was necessary to make sure I would regret the decision to get a midnight snack last night.  See Christmas for us is usually a day where we eat dinner at like.... noon.  That way we have the rest of the day to sit there in a nice food coma, much like Thanksgiving.

So when midnight last night rolled around and both my boyfriend and I were still up laying in bed we decided to heck with it and went and got McDonalds.  Yes even I scrunch my nose as this since I do really think the place is icky.  But it is also fast and cheap.  I even made sure to get a chicken sandwich so I didn't feel too horrible about it.  Never the less around... 4:30 - 5 A.M. I began to roll around unable to get comfortable or fall back asleep.

..............and now my boyfriend just walked into the living room proclaiming that he can't sleep without me in there.  Have to admit this made me smile..........

Back to the story....

Rolling around at 5 o'clock this morning.  You think I would have learned by now that this is a sign that in a hour or so I would soon be in pain.  For those of you who don't know I have gallstones.  So the consumption of anything sweet, fatty, acidic, or you know too tasty, in large quantities is not a good idea for me as it will cause my gallbladder to produce more bile for my stomach to break down the food in turn stirring up the stones and making it more likely for one to get stuck in the the tube which is then very painful until it works it way out.  It also causes me to sometimes be physically sick for hours on end which can sometimes be worse than the pain.

At least that is how I understand it.

So the holidays can sometimes be my worst enemy.  I really should have watched how much chocolate I ate out of my stocking. Its really my own fault.  It can be a bit frustrating sometimes though as I will go months with nothing happening despite the fact that I may not always be watching everything I am eating and other times I could have a salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then that night I am in pain.

That's the other weird thing.  My side never hurts during the day.  Only after 4 o'clock in the morning will it start to act up.

Well anyways it really is my fault I need to be more careful as this is a very serious issue.  If my gallbladder were to become infected I would have to go in for surgery immediately as it could start to affect my liver.  Sometimes I wish for infection so that they will just take it out.  To have it removed on my own I have to go through the run around of our amazing medical system.  See a specialist that is going to tell me all the things that I already know.....

You know I think that I have made this complaint before..... maybe even on here. O.O

Ok ok I won't complain anymore.  I guess I just got bored since I am now wide awake.  Thankfully in the time that I started to write this post my side has slowly stopped hurting though I still feel like I am going to barf my brains out.  I honestly think it is the pain medicine that does it.  I really don't like to take it but sometimes the pain kicks my butt and I turn into a baby and just want it to go away.

Well I won't whine to you guys anymore.  I think I will go try to lay back down.  Wait for the nausea to pass.  Maybe if a little bit later I feel a little better I will get up and enjoy a nice cup of sugar free tea.  The hot liquid always makes me feel a bit better.  I usually like raw sugar with hot tea but on nights like this I go without.  Not as enjoyable but still very soothing.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.  Best of wishes.



  1. Ouuu sorry to hear about achey icky painful badness. Hope you feel better and enjoy the rest of the holiday season pain free!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I am feeling better no pain but I have been nauseous all day. Think I might invest in some peppermint tea to calm my stomach.

  2. I hope you are feeling better! I am so sorry! You must be in so much pain! Please take care of yourself and watch what you are eating! Big Hugs ;o)

    1. The pain only lasted a short while thankfully. Will do. I know better and need to be careful. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday. =)