Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just saying hi...

So is everyone else ready for Christmas?  Yeah... I'm not either.  Ha ha.

I can't believe how fast this month has gone by.  I feel like it was just yesterday that my house was crowded with Thanksgiving visitors.  I have to admit this Christmas will be a bit different for me.  My sister will be spending her holiday break with her father so she won't be here.  We don't really have any plans for Christmas other than dinner with my Mom.  Unfortunately my boyfriend.... (really should find something I can call him here since I will probably mention him every so often.) volunteered to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  He had the Thanksgiving holiday off so he is working Christmas.  So it will be my Mom and I.

Guess again it doesn't really feel much like Christmas.  I am excited none the less.  There is always something so nice about waking up on Christmas morning and enjoying the atmosphere that the holiday brings.  I will definitely be making myself, and friends some Christmas treats (since I am too broke for presents) and will also be enjoying some homemade hot cocoa.  I have never actually made actual homemade hot cocoa but I found a simple enough recipe on (love this site, if you love to cook I recommend it.)  Anyways if any of you have a hot cocoa recipe you enjoy feel free to share it.

Oh!  Almost forgot to mention.  I had to the worst scare when I got on to blogger a few minute ago.  Went to my dashboard as usual and it was empty.  My list of blogs I follow was completely gone.  In its place was a simple message about how I can start a reading list of my favorite blogs.  For a second I really thought that they had erased my list and that I was going to have to hunt everyone down all over again.  After a few clicks of the refresh button though my list came back and I was able to relax.  lol

One more thing I wanted to ask.  My boyfriend and I have decided that we are going to start watching our red meat intake.  We both work full-time and have quite a drive to work from the house.  By the time we get home it is hard to get motivated to cook.  So for a while there we both got into the habit of just grabbing fast food.  Lots of soda and lots of burgers.  So we are both trying to quit drinking soda.  Needless to say our house is full of juice now.  Yes I know you have to be careful even with juice but we both agreed we needed to replace the soda with something.  Off track... anyways sorry... so like I said we are trying to watch our red meat intake.  So we have chicken and fish (cod to be exact, I still need to do the main shopping tomorrow) in the freezer right now.  But if I could get some dinner ideas that would be great. So far we both have thought of chicken alfredo, and chicken breast with like veggies... that's about all we got lol.

Well that is it for tonight I hope that you guys are having a great week.



  1. Merry Christmas Nadine ;o) The 25th is a "day", as long as you can be with family and friends, on any day, throughout the holidays, that's a good thing, even if it's in spirit ;o) Homemade hot cocoa sounds so yummy! Do you like rice? Beans? Tacos? Soup with noodles or rice? Stuffed peppers? All this can be done with fish and chicken or turkey? Have fun!!

    1. Yes, yes and yes lol. I love beans my boyfriend not so much. I haven't ever had stuffed peppers though.

  2. I'm not ready for the holidays. At all. I haven't wrapped presents, written cards or done anything at all. We are decorating on Monday. Peachy, I know. LOL

    Hope you are having a lovely Solstice.

    1. You know I had every intention of buying some beautiful holiday cards to send out to friends and family. I never went and got them. =/

      I hope that you have a wonderful Solstice as well.