Monday, August 13, 2012

Mandala Monday

So I know this picture is really rough.  I just couldn't get a good picture.  I figured this one let you see the design best and color.  I hate that you can see all the of the border though lol.  Anyways I am not really sure what inspired this one other than I wanted it to be bright and fun.  I had a lot of fun with this one.

When I first looked at it before coloring the design in some sense reminded me of spring.
Sun in the center and blooming in the rose.  

Oh and look what I got!  With Autumn knocking at our doors and up and coming Le Mysterieux Carnival parties coming up I couldn't help but get myself this little treat.  I am not that far into it yet but so far I am really enjoying it.  Driving me a bit bonkers with the character hopping.  One of those "Wait no go back what happened with Celia???" kind of moments.  I am very excited to see where this story leads.  Great inspiration for booth ideas as well. ;)

So today is my first day of work.  I don't have to be there until 3:30 this afternoon but I am still very nervous.  Even if all I will be doing is sitting at a computer testing for who knows how many hours.  I actually think that is all I am doing today and tomorrow.  I have never had a job like this before its a bit nerve wracking.  I mean I have had jobs but nothing so.... serious?  I worked out at the race track but it was under the table pay, and my Aunt and Uncle ran it, and while they were the "bosses"  I never really answered to anyone.  I ran the concession stand.  Now that I think about it I could have very well been considered a manager or at least head of the concession if anyone had such titles there lol.  

We had to get there and be open by 8 in the morning but there was no set time for when we would leave sometimes it would be as early as 4 and other times as late as 6.  I never had to take breaks when working there.  Which might not seem like a big thing but I am actually very nervous at the idea of having to catch myself and be "Oh I have been here for a while time for my break I need to go clock out."  Our boss made it perfectly clear that if we attempted to skip our break we would have to deal with her and we would not like it.

Silly isn't it?  To be so nervous...

Anyways I hope that today goes well.  This week I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Two 5 hours days and two 8 hour days.  Well actually one is 8 and a half.  So some pretty decent hours though after this week it will go down to part time.  Wish it was full-time though it actually works out for me a little since I have so much going on late September.  Matt will get here on the 18th and will be leaving super early in the morning on the 21st, then on the 22nd is Ashley's wedding, then on the 24th I have to go to New Mexico to get my braces off.  Really hope I can work it so I don't have to miss any work.  I know I will have to work while Matt is here which super sucks but oh well.  I can't wait to see him September needs to hurry up and get here.

Well I am going to get going I hope that you all are having a great Monday.  



  1. Lovely mandala Nadine! Good luck on your first day of work!

  2. Your Mandala is gorgeous! Love the colors! Love the design! I hope your first day at work was great! It's natural to be nervous ;o) I can't wait for September either ;o)