Saturday, August 4, 2012

Giveaway/ Plumrose Lane

I just wanted to tell everyone about this great Giveaway that Sharon over at Plumrose Lane is hosting in celebration of almost having 1000 followers!  Can you imagine?  I am so excited for her!  I have been following Plumrose Lane for around 2 years I think now and still love to see Sharon's updates on new designs, etsy shop updates, and all kinds of other great stuff.  She does amazing computer design work on top of making beautiful jewelry, key chains, etc.

1000 Followers Giveaway

So about the giveaway...
First what you need to do is head over to Plumrose Lane take a look around and see all that I am talking about and follow if you like what you see.  Then check out her post about the giveaway and see all that you can do to participate in the giveaway.  Becoming a follower is just the first step. =D

The prices...
The First price is a hand made woven wire bracelet 
Second prize is a key chain of your choice from her etsy shop (the key chains are pretty cool just sayin) 
And the Third prize is a $30 dollar gift certificate to her Plumrose Lane shop!

So three amazing prizes!
I hope that you guys will check out her blog and shop and that you guys like them as much as I do.  



  1. Thanks for posting this Nadine :-) I'm headed over to check it out now! I'm a big fan of her work too :-)