Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hey everyone well I am back from my trip to New Mexico.  It went great I had an amazing time visiting with my younger brother and my Dad.  My orthodontist appointment went really well also.  I am scheduled for a de-banding on September 24th. WOOT!!! No more braces!  I am so excited.  Right now they have me wearing few new little elastics connecting the top and bottom braces I am a bit sore.  Never any fun but its an amazing pain knowing that it just means I am that much closer to being done with them.  My Dad and brother are both doing really well.  My Dad is a little lost I guess you could say with my younger brother leaving for college.  He isn't really sure what to do with himself or the idea of living alone.  I was also able to see my cousins Jessica and Steven before I left which was great.  I hope I can see them at least once more before they fly back to New Jersey.  Who knows when I will get to see them again!

So I didn't really do any net surfing while I was gone but for my late FFF posting I figured I would share two songs and one of my favorite photographers.

What I Am by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians and A Case of You by Joni Mitchell.  Just two random songs that I really like.  I hope that you guys enjoy them.

So on of my favorite photographers/artist is Lissy Elle.  I am pretty sure that a lot of you have probably seen her stuff floating around the net.  

I love how mysterious yet fun all of her photos are.

This one I just thought was amazing.  Very simple but beautiful.
The rose makes me think of Beauty and the Beast.

This one is definitely one of my favorites.
You guys know how I love my autumn colors.
But I also like just how oddball this is.

This other than the leaking water lol
Could actually be a really cool decorating idea.

So I hope that you guys liked the photos.  Here is the link to her facebook page for those of you who want it.

I am going to post the Mandalas from this week tomorrow.  At least I hope because tomorrow is my first official day at work!  Yesterday we had orientation and did a whole ton of paperwork and got our schedules figured out.  I am so excited that it is finally here and that both my Mom and I will be working now.  Very exciting.  While visiting my Dad I got to go up to Portal.  I love it up there the forest area is great and I have a lot of amazing childhood memories there.

Not the greatest pictures ever but I am glad that I remembered to take a couple.

Near the top thought that it was a really pretty view.

Oh and look I bought my first purse EVER. 
Yes about to be 21 and have never owned a purse.  Not the biggest fan of them.
Just couldn't fit everything in my pockets anymore and it really is starting to grow on me lol.

Anyways I have to get going I do have a bit more to write about but will probably be busy the next few days.  I hope that I can write some more tomorrow.  Really need to catch up on all my blogs that I follow.  



  1. I love the Lissy Elle pictures, thank you for sharing!

  2. Welcome back! Glad you had a great time! Happy your teeth are doing well ;o) I love the photos of where you were and your first purse is adorable!