Saturday, February 21, 2015

I hate the snow

Ok so maybe I really don't entirely hate the snow.  I just hate being cold... how dry my hair feels when it is cold, how dry and irritated my skin gets, and most of all I HATE the roads when it snows.  People drive terrible and it is just plain scary.  

I am glad that I have Mister Man who knows how to drive in the snow.  I would have been to nervous if I got caught in the snow like we did today.  Would have pulled into the first restaurant I could find and just stayed there.  Ha ha.

Anyways... not much to write about today.  I felt like mentioning the snow though.  Part of me wants to feel excited like some little kid, run outside and have a snowball fight maybe make some snow angels.  The other part of me just hopes the snow will stop soon and the weather will turn warm.  

I am so ready for spring.

I mean look at that!  And it is still going!  Blah!

Plus the it has been raining as well which just means ice and lots of it.  

Well that is all I really had to write about it.  Just my own little weather rant.  I hope you are all doing alright.  Having a nice weekend.  Staying warm!  Hope to write again soon.


  1. I am very much with you! With the -40 weather we have been having our pipes froze sending sewer gas through our vents and into the house. Then my car wouldn't start two days in a row! Spring please!

    1. Oh no!!! That is horrible. -40?! Wow that is definitely much colder than it is here. I think so far the lowest we have gotten is barely down to 0.

  2. I can't drive at all, I am no good and constantly terrified, it feels so unnatural to pilot a giant metal box!

    1. I hate driving. It is nerve wracking and if I could I never would. Specially if I am driving someone else's car then I am even more nervous.