Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some good news...

So I am trying not to get too excited but I am pretty sure that I have a new job!  I had been talking to this family about babysitting opportunities for their son who is in day care.  In case he was ever sick or they wanted a date night.  Well then I ended up working a part time week with them to help out with their son who, still under the age of one, was not adjusting to daycare very well. The fact that he was having to be there long hours didn't help.  Even with my help and their son only needing to be in daycare for part of the day, he still was not enjoying it at all.  Out of the 6 days that he was there 5 of them his mother received a phone call about her son getting hurt or that he wouldn't stop crying. So now it is looking like they want to hire me on full time and wait until their son is older to try daycare.

I feel bad that their son didn't have a good day care experience but hopefully when he is older it will be better.  For  now though at least for next week they want me to be there for full time.  So we will see how next week goes and hopefully this will turn into a stable job.  I really like the family and their son is ADORABLE and he seems to like me as well, so that is good.

Like I said I am trying not to get over excited but I can't help it.  This job would take a HUGE weight off of my shoulders.  Everything is so expensive here compared to Arizona.

Well that is all that is really going on right now.  I hope you all are having a nice weekend.  Spending mine relaxing before starting a week with long hour work days.


  1. Good luck I hope it works out! Sometimes other kids at daycare can be rough etc and it can be hard for sensitive kids, so I am glad that you will be there to take care of him!

    1. Yes they can. I imagine it is tough on the care givers as well. She was telling me their policy is 4 infants to one care giver as well as having the rest of the older children who as a group they look after. While I sympathize with the care givers I also share the mothers concern with how often she was being called because of her son getting hurt when he is only 7 months old she also had issues with the general attitude of the care givers who never had anything positive to say. I 100% understand how taxing their job can be but when working with children a parent wants to feel comfortable with who they are leaving their kids with and that definitely wouldn't be someone who had a negative attitude.

  2. Congratulations (hopefully not too soon to say for sure!) I am so glad things are going well lately! You deserve it!