Friday, October 5, 2012

So Sorry...

Well it has been a while to say the least and I am truly sorry for that.  Things have been busy.  Starting my new job and getting into the flow of things.  I have so much to write about that I am not really sure where I should start...  Things are still going good at work.  I have no complaints though I do really need a full time job so I am going to start looking again.

My Birthday and visit with Matt was amazing.  I couldn't have asked for more.  Having Matt here was the best present of all of course.  We had four amazing nights together and I am missing him like crazy already.  He got me all Batman themed gifts which was awesome!  A Batman ice cube tray, Batman earrings, and a Batman shot glass since I turned 21.  My Mom, Jim and little sister all got me a new laptop which was amazing and a journal that I have been drooling over for a while now.  I have no idea how they knew that I wanted that particular one.  It is beautiful.  I will have to get a picture of it to show all of you.  Matt cooked me an amazing birthday dinner.  Home made chicken Alfredo with home made garlic bread.  It was delicious.

On the 24th I got my braces off which is friggin sweet.  I have to admit for a while I felt like a piece of my face was missing, but I love not having them.

I am hoping soon to have my own place with my friend.  Actually the condo that I am in now only it will just be Sarah and I here instead of the whole family since they are looking to move into I house.  So that is pretty exciting.

Can I tell you guys a secret?

I know my Mom wouldn't be too thrilled hearing this.  Not that its a bad thing I just know she would be bummed like any Mother would be.  I have been thinking a lot about moving to California.  Of course its not anything that could happen immediately.  Its just... the distance for Matt and I of course sucks.  We want to take our time as far as our relationship goes though.  Do it the right way and make sure we are ready when taking steps forward in our relationship.

He just got a job opportunity which is awesome.  We won't know exactly what for a little over a month but whatever happens its an upgrade from the position that he has now. He pretty much gets to duke it out with another co-worker for a month trial bases and whoever does the best will get the better position.  Its a really good opportunity for him. =)

Not sure why I just told you that just small details of all the decision making I guess.  Anyways like I said its not something that can happen for a while.  Its definitely on my mind though.  Its nerve wracking.  I have never lived with anyone I have been in a relationship with and its definitely a big decision.  It just feels right, if that makes sense. Like I said though we both want to do this right and make sure we aren't moving things to fast and that sorta business.

Things here have been a little stressful.  Specially the last few days.  Just a whole bunch of not so good news thrown on our shoulders.  Things we have to do that are not going to be pleasant. =/

Enough of that though.  Anyways I promise to try and write more and be better about it.  I am not going to have any set specific theme posts for days, though I might do random ones just for the heck of it depending on time and mood.  Missed you guys and hope you all are well again I am really sorry for the disappearance.



  1. Missed you too Nadine! Glad everything is going well! I wish you all the best, with you and your boyfriend. Take it one day at time and I am sure, both of you will make the right decision ;o) Happy about the braces ;o)

  2. Hi Nadine! Don't you worry about your blog break, I know how it is! Thinks will settle down eventually, or you'll just learn to juggle like a pro ;) I'm happy you had such a great birthday. These dreams of California are pretty intense, but what's life without a little risk, eh? I hope you follow your heart and make the best choice for what YOU want for yourself in life.

  3. Ok, here's what I have to say, and please take it with a grain of salt.
    I have lived with few men in my life (more common on Sweden, I guess) and I've also moved to live with a few of them. None of it turned out unfortunately, and I think it was because of three important things:
    a) I didn't have a life of my own, so I was trying to move into theirs.
    b) I thought I didn't need my family close, which turned out to be completely wrong, and
    c) I didn't really want to make a new life in the new place, I just wanted to be with HIM.

    I was younger (20-25) then and I was more troubled, but I would never recommend a woman (or girl) to move anywhere for a man, unless she is ready to marry him and have his children.
    That's just my opinion. And for the record, I moved into my own house, started my own business, and then I met a man - who moved from America to Sweden to live with me :)

  4. I feel the need to apologize for my latest reply to this post. Reading it back to myself now, it sounds a little too harsh and cynical. I am sorry for that and I hope I didn't hurt your feelings! I wasn't having the best of nights when I wrote it...
    I just popped by to wish you a Happy Halloween!

  5. No its alright you did give three very valid points all of which are things one should consider in this kind of situation which I have. =) Point A is very true while I am happy here it still really isn't a "life of my own". I do feel stuck sometimes having to stay with my Mom and sister for the time being. Not that it is bad at all. My Mom and I get along great and I love being here for my kid sister. But like any normal family with two grown women in one house with each having a different opinion of how things should be done. Well the tension rises lets put it that way.

    I don't have any fantasy that being away from my family will be nice or easy. It wasn't fun my first year of college and I missed them terribly. So I don't imagine it would be any easier now probably a lot harder given the situation. Not sure about anyone else but I talk to my Mom about everything so I know she is going to be the first person I call when I need. That is why I am glad that Chino, California is only a 5 hour drive from here. Still a super long drive but not as bad as it has been in the past.

    As far as making a new life. No I had never really given Chino any great thought as far as moving there. I do want to make a new life though. I don't really mind where ever that happens to be. Could be here in the Greater Phoenix area or in California. A huge part of me really wants to make that transition. Not going to lie either I do really want to be with him.

    As for the marriage and children comment. o.o Well I must admit neither of those things are scheduled yet. Yes we have discussed both, and have an idea of when we would like those things to happen. So no I guess as far as "ready" goes I can't say that I am here and now. But... I am. Ah that hardly makes any sense at all. Sorry. What I mean to say is I want both of those things with him and plan for both of those things with him. If he asked me to marry him while I would be really surprised with the timing I would gladly say yes. And children.... this might be T.M.I. but we have discussed it and while it would not be the best timing again it would be ok. We are both kinda uber nerds and talked about it when we decided to umm... yeah. Since you know, that is a possibility to happen even though we are being safe. We just wanted to make sure that we are both as prepared as we can be if that happens ....before schedule.

    Oh my well now that I have my laundry out for the web to see moving right along....

    My concern was just our relationship and where we are at in it. Wondering if both of us are ready to make that step forward now. And we decided that we are. Its not going to happen for a while though. We both want to give ourselves some time to get things set up on our own ends. Saving up money making arrangements and that sort of thing. I am the type of girl that doesn't like to depend on another person as far as financial things go. Was just raised to make sure if I had to I could take care of myself. I don't imagine it happening for a good 5 months or so.

    Anyways now that I have ranted which I am really sorry about. Don't apologize for your first comment I do really appreciate honesty. You weren't wrong either. Its a really big step and one that has all kinds of things that need to thought out carefully. Anyways I hope that you have a wonderful Halloween. =) Hope to see you here at the blog again.